Olson Spinner Sprinklers - 4200 Series

Olson Spinner Sprinklers - 4200 Series
  • For nursery, greenhouse, orchard, propagation areas, flower and vegetable production, turf and many more applications
  • Low operating pressure saves water and energy
  • Low profile assures minimum water on tree foliage
  • Sprinkles from .19 to .27 gpm
  • Operates at 10 to 20 psi
  • Varying spray diameters based upon pressure
  • Sturdy brass and acetal construction
  • Water-lubricated bearing
  • Brass nozzles
  • Statically balanced to minimize wear from vibration
  • Small steady water droplets, instead of steady stream


Specifications for the 4200 Series - Vertical Installations

Nozzle Pressure1012151820
Diameter in Feet2022242628
Discharge G.P.M..


Specifications for the 4200G Series - Inverted Installations

Nozzle Pressure1012151820
Diameter in Feet1618202224
Discharge G.P.M..


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Catalog #Product InformationSize / Spec.Weight LbsUnit of MeasureQty Per CasePrice Break QuantityPriceQuantity
Olson Spinner Sprinklers - 4200 Series
18-4752-1VERTICAL5R5R-1/2" M0.2EA(?)-1 --- 24Wholesale Only
18-4752-2VERTICAL5R5R-1/2" M0.2EA(?)-25 --- UPWholesale Only
18-4752-9VERTICAL5R5R-1/2" M0.2EA(?)-1 --- UP$15.65
18-4754-1VERTICAL5R5R-1/2" F0.2EA(?)-1 --- 24Wholesale Only
18-4754-2VERTICAL5R5R-1/2" F0.2EA(?)-25 --- UPWholesale Only
18-4754-9VERTICAL5R5R-1/2" F0.2EA(?)-1 --- UP$16.05
18-4755-1INVERTEDG4S4S 3/8"M0.2EA(?)-1 --- 24Wholesale Only
18-4755-2INVERTEDG4S4S 3/8"M0.2EA(?)-25 --- UPWholesale Only
18-4755-9INVERTEDG4S4S 3/8"M0.2EA(?)-1 --- UP$15.55
18-4756-1INVERTEDG4S4S 1/2"M0.2EA(?)-1 --- 24Wholesale Only
18-4756-2INVERTEDG4S4S 1/2"M0.2EA(?)-25 --- UPWholesale Only
18-4756-9INVERTEDG4S4S 1/2"M0.2EA(?)-1 --- UP$16.10
18-4757-1INVERTEDG4S4S 1/2"F0.2EA(?)-1 --- 24Wholesale Only
18-4757-2INVERTEDG4S4S 1/2"F0.2EA(?)-25 --- UPWholesale Only
18-4757-9INVERTEDG4S4S 1/2"F0.2EA(?)-1 --- UP$16.45