Rocket Spray Heavy-duty Electronic Sprayer

Rocket Spray Heavy-duty Electronic Sprayer

The durable Rocket Spray XL Pro is simple and lightweight, yet designed to provide years of reliable service. Unlike manual hand pump sprayers, the Rocket Spray XL Pro contains no rubber o-rings or seals that can wear out over time. Limited 1 yr. warranty against manufacturer defects.

The Rocket Spray XL Pro has a 5-gallon tank with bottom fluid exit, allowing for complete discharge of its contents. The system’s Shurflo diaphragm pump provides a fast, continuous, and consistent spray pattern with an adjustable pressure from 20 to 85 psi.

The Rocket Spray also features a pressure switch that causes the pump to build up to the pre-set pressure and then automatically shuts itself off. This helps add to the life of the pump. When in use, a squeeze of the trigger activates the pump. This extends the life of the pump and battery because it only runs when spraying.

  • Semi-pneumatic rubber tire on steel hub - 8” diameter, 3/8” axle.
  • The Rocket Spray comes pre-assembled and ready to use after charging
  • 15’ flexible black hose (300 psi)
  • Comes with battery and battery charger
  • Chrome plated handle with hose securing hooks.
  • Easy to start — with just a flip of a switch
  • No harmful fumes, or aggravation of loud noises
  • Adjustable nozzle sprays a mist or up to a 25’ stream
  • Will spray up to 14 tanks on one full battery charge

Rocket Spray Specifications
Model : RSHD-0131
Depth : 7 1/2"
Width : 18 1/2"
Height : 25"
Weight (dry) : 17.9 pounds
Capacity : 5 Gallons

Motor Type : DC Motor
Battery Type : Deep-Cycle Rechargeable
Battery Weight : 8 pounds
Battery Voltage : 12 Volt
Battery Capacity : 7 Amp

Discharge Volume : 1 gpm (open flow)
Discharge Pressure : 20-85 psi
Shipping Weight : 20 pounds

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Rocket Spray Heavy-duty Electronic Sprayer
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