MycoSpikes Mycorrhizal Fertilizer Spikes - 6-10-10

MycoSpikes Mycorrhizal Fertilizer Spikes - 6-10-10
  • Provides slow release feeding of vital nutrients.
  • Adds mycorrhiza for increased water and nutrient uptake.
  • Below ground installation eliminates washouts.


  • Roots MYCOspikes provide a total feeding solution for healthy trees and shrubs. Each spike incorporates vital macro and micro nutrients to solve the most common deficiency problems preventing green-up and growth.
  • Special binders release the elements over time-up to 12 months depending on your soil type and climate.
  • Only MYCOspikes combine the proven Roots biostimulant complex with 19 strains of mycorrhiza.
  • This unique combination of nutrients, stress reducing compounds and uptake enhancing mycorrhiza work together in the feeder root zone, the area where trees and shrubs get their nourishment.
  • MYCOspikes don’t wash away like surface applications.

Apply when setting plants. For plant dimensions 18” or larger, use 1 spike for every inch of diameter (see chart above). Place spikes into moist soil, evenly spaced around the dripline and never closer than 2 feet from base of trunk. Hammer spikes into ground using plastic pounding cap included. Remove cap and pound at least 2 more inches into ground. Heel the hole closed. Reapply in spring each year.

  • 100 - 5 oz spikes per case (with 20 pounding caps)


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MycoSpikes Mycorrhizal Fertilizer Spikes - 6-10-10
07-7030-1-5 OZ 100/CS33.17CS(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
07-7030-2-5 OZ 100/CS33.17CS(?)-5 --- UPWholesale Only
07-7030-9-5 OZ 100/CS33.17CS(?)-1 --- UP$180.00