July 2012 Newsletter (vol.9)   >>   Dyna Green Introduces Two New Products

Brix and Sur-Tec


Dyna Green Brix Plus 7-0-0
High-Quality Foliar Fertilizer


Crops: Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Ornamentals, Trees, Shrubs & Turf

Brix Plus™ is a foliar liquid fertilizer that contains 7% slow release nitrogen, humic acids, growth hormones, and essential trace elements that your plants need. Brix Plus™ increases the brix level in plants which can improve fruit production and flavor, increase plant immunity, build drought tolerance, result in higher yields, and improve efficiency in plant photosynthesis.  All resulting in a more vigorous and healthy plant, while decreasing expenses that would have been used on pesticides.

For best results, apply to early stages of growth with adequate coverage so the plant is dripping wet. Brix Plus™ is safe to use when plants are stressed or during fruit production. It can be tank mixed with other fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Reapplications can be safely applied every 10-14 days.

Available in several sizes:
½  Gallon RTS
1 Gallon Refill



Dyna Green AG Sur-Tec
Herbicide & Pesticide Enhancer


Sur-Tec is a non-ionic surfactant with pH buffering ability to be used in combination with herbicides or pesticides in spray tank applications.



  • Consistent high-quality formulation
  • Improves penetration 
  • Enhances spray uniformity
  • Prevents alkaline hydrolysis
  • Anti Foaming
  • Cost effective
  • Safe to use on Roundup resistant crops


Available in several sizes:
4 Oz
16 Oz Tip-N-Pour
1 Gallon