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Watermelon is considered to be both a fruit and a vegetable.


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Tripod Orchard Ladders

Tripod Orchard Ladders


Plastic Obelisk Trellis

Plastic Obelisk Trellis


Jumbo Flat T-Stakes

Jumbo Flat T-Stakes


Keep an Eye Out

Poinsettias in a greenhouse


July is a month that the majority of people think about fishing, swimming or weekends at the lake. Greenhouse growers on the other hand start thinking about their winter income, poinsettias. Poinsettias are susceptible to a number of rather serious diseases, especially when the temperatures begin to rise. Since much of the country is experiencing an exceptionally hot summer, it is good to be prepared. Here is information on four hot weather poinsettia diseases.

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Let us Design Your Irrigation System

Irrigation System


Want to increase your crop size and at the same time decrease your labor costs? Drip irrigation and container plant production go hand in hand. Let Hummert International design an irrigation system to fit your specific needs. We will help you produce a uniform crop using very little water or labor.


Call us today at 800-325-3055 and ask for Keith

Maintaining Your Fertilizer Injector

Fertilizer Injector


You rely on your fertilizer injector to provide accurate and consistent dosing every time you use it, which for most, is at least once a week during the growing season. For a piece of equipment you rely on that much, how often do you do routine maintenance on it? Would you even be able to tell if your injector was losing accuracy before the results were obvious in your plants? Unfortunately, wear on the parts is inevitable over time. Routine maintenance, cleaning, and testing of your fertilizer injector should be a priority, and done on a regular basis just like your vehicle.

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Repair Water Leaks

Leaking Pipe


How important is it to repair water leaks?


Did you know that a detectable leak of .25 gallon per minute results in a loss of 360 gallons a day?! With the summer heat upon us, it is more important than ever to conserve as much water as possible. Hummert has everything you need to repair leaky garden hoses or irrigation systems.


Call our sales department for help determining what you need: 800-325-3055

Dyna Green Introduces Two New Products

Brix and Sur-Tec


Dyna Green Brix Plus 7-0-0

High Quality Foliar Fertilizer

Brix Plus™ is a foliar liquid fertilizer that contains 7% slow release nitrogen, humic acids, growth hormones, and essential trace elements that your plants need.



Dyna Green AG Sur-Tec

Herbicide & Pesticide Enhancer

Sur-Tec is a non-ionic surfactant with pH buffering ability to be used in combination with herbicides or pesticides in spray tank applications.

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Hummert's Grand Expo 2012

Hummert's Grand Expo September 12-13