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Spring is almost over and summer will be in full swing very soon. It is time to start thinking about possible profits for fall, and a profitable fall begins with mums. It is not too late to order garden mum cuttings to grow for your fall sales. There are many varieties available, order now. It is not too late!

If you are not going to be able to receive your plants in time for the typical June start, you will want to modify your recipe a bit. For a later mum planting, plant 2 cuttings in the center of each pot, approximately 2” apart. They will fill in and finish a nice size and shape mum with less grow time, water and fertilizer.


The most important factors in producing a mum crop are water and fertilizer. We recommend a water soluble professional fertilizer to start. A high level of fertilizer is recommended-250-350 ppm N. Use a complete NPK fertilizer with trace elements in a 2-1-2 or a 3-1-1 ratio. Peters or Jacks 20-10-20 is a great choice. It is recommended to use a high ammonium based fertilizer for the first two weeks and then switch to a higher nitrate formula (see table below). Once the plants have reached desired size, fertilizer levels should be reduced.


  • Beginning: 250-350 ppm N
  • First week of August: 200-225 ppm N
  • End of August- 50-100 ppm N
  • Pea size bud set: quit fertilizing


Fertilization Notes


Ammonium-based fertilizer (NH4-N)

40% NH4-N produces soft lush growth; desirable early in production cycle

Recommended Fertilizer % Ammoniacal nitrogen % Nitrate nitrogen
Jack’s 20-10-20 General Purpose 40 60
Jack's 20-10-20 Peat-Lite 40 60
Jack’s 21-5-20 All Purpose 37.7 62.3
Jack’s 21-7-7 Acid Special 34.8 60


Nitrate-based fertilizer (N03-N)

Strong compact growth; desirable late in the production cycle

Recommended Fertilizer % Ammoniacal nitrogen % Nitrate nitrogen
Jack's 15-5-15 Ca-Mg 20 80
Jack's 13-2-13 LX Plug 6 94
Jack's 15-0-15 Dark Weather 4 80


Peters recommended fertilizers for garden mum production.
Constant Liquid Feed: 200-300 ppm
Periodic Liquid Feed: 300-400 ppm

Water Type Option 1 Option 2
Type 1 - Low Alkalinity
0 to 60 ppm CaCO3
Peters Excel 13-2-13 Plug &
Bedding Plant Special
Type 2
60 to 150 ppm CaCO3
Peters Excel 15-5-15 Hi-Start
Cal-Mag Special
Peters Professional 17-3-17
Peat-Lite Neutral Cal-Mag
Types 1 & 2
0 to 150 ppm CaCO3
Peters Excel 13-2-13 Plug &
Bedding Plant Special
Type 3
150 to 200 ppm CaCO3
Type 4 - High Alkalinity
200 to 240+ ppm CaCO3
Peters Professional 15-5-25
Peat-Lite Flowering Crop Special
Peters Professional 18-8-17
Peat-Lite High Mag Special
Types 3 & 4
150 to 240 ppm CaCO3


Alkaline Water(N03-N)

If, after water testing you have a high alkalinity, use one or more of the following fertilizers to lower you pH.


Peters Professional 15-5-25 Peat Lite Flowering Crop Special
Jack’s 21-5-20 All-Purpose
Jack’s 21-7-7 Acid Special

Additional fertilization notes

  • Maintain a pH range from 5.5 to 6.5.
  • Additional fertilization will be needed if heavy rains leach the fertilizer.
  • Once mums are rapidly growing rotate in 15-0-15 every third watering to control stretching.
  • Use 15-0-15 once buds start to appear and stop once they get pea sized.
  • Extreme heat will slow plant growth, so you will need to lower fertilization amount to match slower growth rates.
  • Controlled release fertilizers do work in combination with water soluble fertilizers.


Call your Hummert Sales rep to order now! To see varieties and ordering details, click the link below to view our 2012 Plants and Cuttings catalog. (Availability subject to change)

2012 Plants & Cuttings Catalog PDF Download