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Raised Bed Gardening

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As gas prices and grocery bills keep rising, more and more people are interested in growing their own produce. A trend that has been around since colonial times but is enjoying a resurgence of popularity is to use raised bed gardens. Raised bed gardening is a popular technique for growing plants such as vegetables and fruits, as well as flowers. These types of beds are both functional and attractive in the landscape. There are many factors that go into creating the perfect raised bed; hopefully this article will help give you the tips that you need!

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Insect Alert: Thrips!

Thrip on finger


It is that time of year again to scout for thrip invasions. Many local growers are already reporting infestations and there are concerns in other states that they are building resistance to many chemicals. Thrips can be found primarily on herbaceous plants. They feed on rapidly growing tissue and buds and can sometimes be hard to see. Feeding by thrips typically causes tiny scars on leaves and fruit, called stippling, and can stunt growth. Be sure to thoroughly inspect all incoming plant shipments and monitor with blue pestraps to evade any major infestations.

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Make Your Fertilizer Work as Hard as Your Do...

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Our Dyna Green fertilizers have recently undergone a transformation. They now work as hard as you do to obtain that picture perfect lawn. In addition to changing some of the analysis, we have impregnated the fertilizer with NutriLife.


NutriLife is not just a few strains of soil inoculants; it is an entire community of them that helps improve fertilizer efficiency.


Some of our Dyna Green fertilizers also contain UMAXX. UMAXX is a nitrogen fertilizer that contains enzyme inhibitors which keep the nitrogen in the soil longer.

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New Corrugated Plant Trays

Corrugated Plant Tray Image


Our corrugated cardboard plant trays have always been extremely popular. Now, we have added "Support Your Local Grower" and "I ♥ Horticulture" imprints that are sure to be appreciated!

What You Seed is What You Get!

Garden Center Picture


Anyone can buy a bag of grass seed but very few can understand all the information needed to grow the grass or maintain the grass after planting.
Most folks have the idea that all grass seed is basically the same… big mistake!


Choosing quality seed is one of the most important steps in any successful planting or over seeding. Check our Hummert labels-they are among the best!

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