August 2017 Newsletter (vol.50)   >>   Saving Man-hours in Your Greenhouse


Saving precious man-hours is a constant forefront goal in greenhouse operations. What if we told you that you could save up to 65% in labor cost by switching your pot filling system alone? That is exactly what T.O. Plastics has researched and proven with their Press-Fill System.


There are many benefiting aspects to their system:


Square pots in standard sizes allow for 5-8% more soil capacity for longer shelf life, 15% more square pots can fit in the same amount of space as round pots, and 22% less water/fertilizer/chemical drench run off than round pots!


Ease of use by simply configuring your stack of pots to fit your corresponding carry tray then place your carry tray on top and press down firmly, lift up and you have a full tray of pots ready for your filler machine.


How long does it take your staff to fill one tray of pots? How many man hours are spent doing this one task? Use T.O. Plastics Press-Fill Efficiencies Calculator to see how you can start saving by making one simple switch.


Vacuum-Formed pots for the Press Fit system include 250 Series, 325 Series, 400 Series, 450 Series in both traditional and deep dimensions. Many case counts available to accommodate the carrying tray which you wish to use. For more detailed information, please click here for our catalog page or call your Hummert Horticultural Sales Rep for a quote. Site visits with a T.O. Plastics Representative may be possible depending on your location, please inquire for this service.