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Poinsettia Trivia – It may only be summertime but growers are busy planning for Holiday sales. A big hit every year are Poinsettia’s but what do you actually know about these must have Holiday plants? Test your knowledge with these horticultural trivia questions and who knows, you may learn something new!

Answers below
1. Poinsettias produce their color in the leaves below the flower called the
A. Branches
B. Bracts
C. Node
D. Cane
2. What is removed while pinching poinsettias?
A. Bracts
B. Flower Buds
C. Terminal Ends
D. None of the above
3. These pests are a serious nuisance for Poinsettias.
A. Whiteflies
B. Mealybugs
C. Mites
D. All the above
4. The attractive feature of poinsettias are the leaves but what are the flowers called?
A. Pedicel
B. Cyathia
C. Corolla
D. Node
5. Poinsettias were originally introduced from
A. California
B. Peru
C. Mexico
D. Philippines
6. Which genus does the Poinsettia belong to?
A. Begonia
B. Agave
C. Euphorbia
D. Anthurium
7. Poinsettias are highly toxic to your pets.
A. True, if they come in contact, call a vet right away.
B. False, at most these plants will give your pet an upset stomach.
8.  What triggers Poinsettias to bloom?
A. Short day, long night
B. Long day, short night
9. Which state grows the most Poinsettia’s commercially?
A. California
B. North Carolina
C. Texas
D. Florida
10. What is a must for growing a successful Poinsettia crop?
A. Pinching
B. At least 13 consecutive hours of night length for blooming
C. Quality and healthy rootstock
D. All of the above
Answers: 1 B, 2 C, 3 B, 4 B, 5 C, 6 C, 7 B, 8 A, 9 A followed in order by the consecutively next largest producer. 10 D