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In Other News

Proven Winner’s announced their 2018 Annual of the year



August 23-24
35th Annual Hummert's Expo & Customer Appreciation day

August Innovation

Galloping Horse GIF Into Bacteria with Crispr
The study is an interesting—if slightly gimmicky—way to show off Crispr's power to turn living cells into digital data warehouses.

I'm Just Saying...

"Gardening requires lots of water - most of it in the form of perspiration."
- Lou Erickson

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Jacto Backpack Spray


Kadie Crivello

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Nicole Hedden


Poinsettia Trivia


Poinsettia Trivia – It may only be summertime but growers are busy planning for Holiday sales. A big hit every year are Poinsettia’s but what do you actually know about these must have Holiday plants? Test your knowledge with these horticultural trivia questions and who knows, you may learn something new!

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Christmas in July


Why buy your pot covers in July? Because the manufacturer runs behind AND runs out, the closer we get to Christmas. How do we entice you? By offering you a 5% discount to order ahead of need! Our pot covers are sturdy, decorative, and available in several colors.

Hummert's 35th Annual Grand Expo & Customer Appreciation Day


Hummert’s 35th Grand Expo is fast approaching. Featuring over 32,000 products; there’s something for everyone in the industry. Garden centers, landscape companies, nursery owners, athletics, institutions & researchers, RSVP now for your free admission and lunch ticket! Special payment terms and deep discounts included with purchase.


RSVP at & join our Facebook event for exclusive information prior to the show!

Attention Educators!


New Educational Horticultural Catalog Now Available


Mycorrihizae and Plants Make Great Allies


The climate, irrigation schedules, amendment applications, and cultivating puts so much stress on our plants and soil. Mycorrhizae plus organic matter helps offset these stresses and acts to rejuvenate soil and plant health. If this is your first time hearing about Mycorrhizea (my-cor-rye-zay) or you are already an avid user; you’ll enjoy this industry leading article from Premier, the folks behind the famous Pro-Mix media blends.

Saving Man-hours in Your Greenhouse


Saving precious man-hours is a constant forefront goal in greenhouse operations. What if we told you that you could save up to 65% in labor cost by switching your pot filling system alone? That is exactly what T.O. Plastics has researched and proven with their Press-Fill System.

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