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Legend says that each leaf of the clover means something: the first is for hope, the second for faith, the third for love, and the fourth for luck.


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Dyna Green Spreader


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Livestock Forage Seed


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Rootshield Plus WP


Shedding Some Light

Pea Seed Image

By starting seeds indoors you are able to extend your growing season by getting a head start. Once the weather is free from a frost threat you can transplant them outdoors and have an established garden. Starting seeds indoors can be a daunting task especially for a novice, but we intend to shed some light on the topic. Pun intended.


When to start your seeds is determined by when you can safely transplant them outside. If you are located in the Midwest, you may refer to Hummert’s Midwest Vegetable Planting Guide for optimal planting time outside, otherwise your local county extension agent or the internet can help you determine the best time. These charts will give you recommended time to start your seeds and often time from sowing to harvest.

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Manager's Corner: Cater to the Senses

Garden Center Picture

Everyone is after a bigger share of the market. We want our business to grow and prosper. The key to being a great merchandiser is to be a customer with an awareness of what works.


We are used to seeing an advertisement or looking over a display unconscious of what is catching the eye. Something triggers the emotion or stimulates our desire to buy with little recollection of what enticed us. Well, wake up to your senses. Good merchandising is the creative combination of alluring the senses of sight, smell, touch, sound and taste. It is our senses that deem a product to be one of the “I have to have it” buys. So much of what we display has the potential of great eye appeal. Color and shapes tell us how beautiful it would look in our yard or on the patio. Create some romance, with flowers and candles. Add prestige with cast bronze or a nice copper roofed birdhouse. Smell the scent of flowers, potpourri and fresh earth. The touch of natural wood, softly delicate rose petals with the look of velvet and the smell of your first prom. Combine all this thoughtfully into groups and blend in a flow of complimentary color and you now have a display. Make sure there is enough there to make a statement. Less than 5 of anything says you don’t plan to sell many, do you want to take that chance? Stay informed and offer quality. The market is good; get your share with effective displays.


P.S. Do it all year. The season doesn’t have to end after spring. Fall has tremendous marketing potential.

A Sticky Situation

Pestrap Sticky Trap Photo

IPM is not a new strategy, although it seems to be gaining momentum with the increasing demand for organically grown plants and produce.  IPM: Integrated Pest Management is a sustainable approach to managing pests that begins with scouting or monitoring the pest populations.  The purpose of this step is to detect the presence, concentration, and type of pests to enable you to make more informed and timely control decisions.  No better way to detect pest populations than by using pestraps, aka sticky cards or glue traps.  But so many questions arise when considering the use of pestraps like: how many do you use for your greenhouse, what color is best, and where should they be placed?  This article will answer any questions you may have about using pestraps in your greenhouse.

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Apply Your Crabgrass Preventer Now!

Crabgrass in lawn

It is recommended to apply crabgrass preventer from March to early May. Call our sales department for availability.

Beat the Weeds

Granular Pre-Emergent Herbicide Comparison Chart


Dandylion Weed Picture

Spring is right around the corner and with the mild winter we’ve had, now is the time to apply your pre-emergence herbicides. Make life easy and beat the weeds. The following charts will help you decide which granular pre-emergence is the best for your application.

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