June 2017 Newsletter (vol.49)   >>   Staff Garden Showcase

Koi pond located in Mike's uniquely landscaped yard


The beauty of gardening is captured in many ways; let us inspire you with photos from our staff’s home gardens.


Kadie's balcony is a mini plant paradise. Can you spot the orchids?


Lisa's whimsical fairy garden


No balcony is complete without a herb garden and petunia baskets!


Bill's cover crop of mustard


Tomatoes from Bill's High Tunnel


Columbine and phlox, shining in Bob's garden


Bob's beautifully landscaped yard


Deb's lovely Wisteria frutescens vining on an arbor


Jim's innoculated shiitake logs are ready for harvesting


Wildlife protected raised bed full of Jim's greens and onions


A full greenhouse of rare and unusual cacti, succulents, and trees at Mike's


Some of Mike's many hardy cacti planted in his yard in Eastern Illinois