June 2017 Newsletter (vol.49)   >>   Plant Propagation with Aeromister


Article by: Barb Kruse


Growing your own plants can be very rewarding. Growing new plants for free is exhilarating! We tested out the Garden Cutting Kit in hopes of inspiring you to try your hand at propagating. The Garden Cutting Kit includes everything you need to run your very own micro-aeroponic system in your own home. The system includes 25 planting sites 1-3/8th” in diameter, humidity dome, air pump, mister, 3-gallon reservoir, growth chamber, plumbing, and fittings.


This kit will fit on your kitchen counter and is very easy to use. In the small space of 1 square foot, we experimented with a full chamber of 25 cuttings.


To say the least, we were impressed with this counter top mist propagator. Traditional cuttings in growing media can take a month or more depending on the plant type. Within 2 weeks of using this mist propagator, most of our cuttings were ready to transplant with sweet potato vine, tomato, and pothos dominating this trial.



If this has inspired you to try your hand at tabletop propagating, or if you simply want to propagate cuttings with a rooting hormone into a soil mix, here are some handy tips if you’re not familiar with the process.


Propagating Tips:
Stems – strip off leaves that will be hanging into the chamber or soil mix, cut large leaves in half to reduce leaves from touching and to increase air circulation.
Soft Wood – Use tip cuttings from current year’s growth, usually the top 5” of the branch. Take these cuttings 6 weeks after first buds appear. Cut stem lengthwise into ¼’s about 2”.
Hard Wood – Collect long canes of current year’s growth. Cut into multiple short canes to propagate. Key: Remember which way is up – they will not root if the cane is stuck upside down. Make your bottom cut right below a node, cane about 5”, and about 1” above top node. If planting into a soil mix, remember to use a rooting hormone that works best with hardwood such as Hormex Rooting Powder #16, #30, and #45.