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August 24
Hummert's Grand Expo
Register before the end of June and receive 2 free dart throws for Hummert's Cash Dart Board.

In Other News

Greenhouse Grower magazine's 2017 Top 100 Growers list is out! Congratulations to all, and special congrats to our vendors and customers who made it on the list yet another year!

June Innovation

GM Moths
GMO disease fighters: Zika-destroying GM mosquitoes may soon be joined by GM moths to quash cabbage and kale pest

I'm Just Saying...

Advice for Gardeners:

  • Grow peas of mind

  • Lettuce be thankful

  • Squash selfishness

  • Turnip to help thy neighbor

  • And always make thyme for loved ones

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Dyna Green Grub Control with 0.2% Mallet


Dyna Green Turf Fungicides


DeWitt Shade Cloth


Kadie Crivello

Creative Director:
Nicole Hedden

SAP System Transition


We have an announcement! After many long months of testing and perfecting, our company has made a switch to a new computer system. You will notice some changes such as a new look to invoices and delivery tickets. We look forward to providing you with an even smoother order processing, shipment tracking, and billing system, so you can spend more time doing what you do best – making your business grow!

Staff Garden Showcase

Koi pond located in Mike's uniquely landscaped yard


The beauty of gardening is captured in many ways; let us inspire you with photos from our staff’s home gardens.

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OMRI Products


It is now time to apply Dyna Green's Grub Control, T-Methyl and Eagle. Get a handle of your turf issues before they get out of control!


Get a Handle ON Your Turf Issues


It is now time to apply Dyna Green's Grub Control, T-Methyl and Eagle. Get a handle of your turf issues before they get out of control!


Plant Propagation with Aeromister


Article by: Barb Kruse


Growing your own plants can be very rewarding. Growing new plants for free is exhilarating! We tested out the Garden Cutting Kit in hopes of inspiring you to try your hand at propagating. The Garden Cutting Kit includes everything you need to run your very own micro-aeroponic system in your own home. The system includes 25 planting sites 1-3/8th” in diameter, humidity dome, air pump, mister, 3-gallon reservoir, growth chamber, plumbing, and fittings.

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Holiday Hours

June Birth Flowers


Left: Rose, Right: Honeysuckle; Photo Credit: Farmers Almanac

June is National Rose Month, and also one of the June birth flowers! Rose, or Rosa, has so many meanings stemming from their endless hues. Hundreds of species and thousands of cultivars make up this obscenely popular shrub. Roses appeal to nearly everyone - most landscapes include a rose bush, commercial perfumeries use them to create scents, their fruit (known as hips) is used to manufacture vitamin C in products as well as pressed for the oil to use in skin care products. Some flower colors indicate love, admiration, enthusiasm, innocence, and joy.


Honeysuckle, or Lonicera, is also a June Birth Flower, which is very much associated with June and summertime. They are bright, refreshing, and deliciously scented. Hummingbirds love the flowers but be wary of the invasive species such as L. japonica, L. maackii, L. morrowii, and L. tatarica.