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May 16-19
Marijuana Business Conference
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In Other News

Perfect your IPM program by adding beneficial insects. We carry beneficials to battle the pest problems you are having. Our horticulturalist sales team has the expertise to arrange your beneficial insect shipment schedule and ensure proper release rates for effectiveness. Contact your territory rep to learn more.

April Innovation

Crop Phenotyping Robot
Semiautonomous robot may soon be roaming agricultural fields gathering and transmitting real-time data about the growth and development of crops, information that crop breeders can use to identify the genetic traits in plants likely to produce the greatest yields.

Mission to Mars
The Australian vegetable industry is on a mission to MARS, with robotics and automation emerging as key pillars of the production process, according to a new study evaluating innovations in vegetable production.

I'm Just Saying...

“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. Philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup is a smoothie.” –Anonymous

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Insect Netting Fabric


Kadie Crivello

Creative Director:
Nicole Hedden

Hummert's Giant Pumpkin


Growing season is finally among us. A lot of us gardening folk enjoy growing many tried and true items in our gardens; our favorite tomato, salad greens, peppers, some pretty flowers, and then there’s always that one new thing we can’t resist trying. This year Hummert’s one new thing is a giant pumpkin! As a team, we will be growing two giant pumpkin varieties and giving it our best shot! We will be capturing the entire growing process of our pumpkin so stay tuned for the trials and tribulations (and hopefully a great reward) of our Hummert giant pumpkin.

Support Your Midwest


Why Compost?


Article by: Debbie Kirkpatrick

Spring is a good time to start that composting project you’ve been thinking about for a while.


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Soil Department Prefilled Pots


Did you know that we offer a container filling service? Perfect for busy growers and researchers; our prefilled container service is easy. Just choose your container ranging from plug trays to nursery pots, choose your soil, choose any custom options such as fertilizer additions or soil compaction, and let us do the rest. Your prefilled containers come ready to plant right off the truck. Ordering is available from one pallet to truckload quantities and ship from our Earth City location. Please contact us for more information and pricing.


Time to Plant

Forest Re-Leaf Quarterly Review


Hummert is proud to have joined PrintReleaf in late 2015.This is a program that plants a tree for us in countries that need it most for every 10,000 pages we use. Our quarterly statement came in and so far we have planted 59 trees since joining the program. We have trees in Mexico, Madagascar, Dominican Republic, India, and Brazil!


May Birth Flowers


Left: Lily of the Valley, Right: Hawthorn; Photo Credit: Farmers Almanac

Lily of the valley, or Convallaria majalis , is a popular flowering plant in the lily family. The scent is quite intense for how compact the plant and flowers are! This plant symbolizes sweetness, purity, and the return of happiness. Hawthorn, or Crataegus, is a large shrub and tree in the Rose family, also known as the thornapple or May-tree. This Missouri State Flower has represented many meanings over the years of cultivation such as hope, happiness, and signifies that Summer is coming.