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In Other News

Our Nursery Supplies, Poppelmann, and Dillen-ITML programs are OPEN! Now is the time to order your containers for the best pricing. Order by 3/27, shipped as available 6/1, net 60 terms.

March Innovation

Artificial Pollinating Drones
Materially engineered artificial pollinators with ILGs are proposed for different applications, including light-triggered camouflage and flower pollination.

Year of the Brassica
The Brassica family of plants is one of the most prolific genera of vegetables in the world, enjoyed by countless generations in many forms and playing a starring role in many culturally significant recipes.

I'm Just Saying...

"A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows."
- Doug Larson

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Save the Date

Defeat Your Crabgrass Early with Dyna Green



Get ahead of the crabgrass battle in your lawn this spring. Here is the know-how from Hummert’s own Dan Bartles in Topeka: The typical window to apply Dyna Green Crabgrass Preventor is Mid-March to Mid-April. Since this year is unseasonably warm, the window this year should be March 1 until the middle part of April. Dyna Green uses the commercial rate of Dimension to provide you with maximum protection against crabgrass in your yard. One added feature of Dyna Green Crabgrass control with Dimension is that it has post germination control of crabgrass up to the 2-3 leaf stage. So, if you don't get it down before crabgrass germinates, you can still get some control with this product!



Time to Start

Hummert's High Tunnels




Hummert’s High Tunnels are quality built and one of the strongest you will find in the business. Our High Tunnels work great for getting a jump-start on early crops like tomatoes and strawberries. No electricity needed and they are approved for the EQIP funding granted by the NRCS! Featuring many sizes and drop down curtains, these high tunnels come with all you need other than your framing lumber. Call your sales rep for a quote today!


Hummert's Saturday Hours


Hummert is now open on Saturdays
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
from March 4th til May 20.

Earth City location only.


March Birth Flowers


Left: Daffodil, Right: Jonquil; Photo Credit: Farmers Almanac


The March birth flowers are really one in the same. The daffodil, or Narcissus, symbolizes new beginnings, rebirth, and the end of winter. The Jonquil, or Narcissus jonquilla, is an old world variety of daffodil. This variety is yellow, white, or a combination of both and so fragrant the oil from the flower is used as perfume. They symbolize sorrow and to convey sympathy.