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Missour Pesticide Collection Events

March 11
Portageville, MO

March 25
Fairfax, MO

June 3
St. Peters, MO

June 24
Sikeston, MO

July 15
Chillicothe, MO

October 14
Lockwood, MO



Feb 16-18

February Innovation

Cloud Based Organic Farms
High-tech sensors, a mobile app and cloud-based analytics give an Ohio family farm the tools it needs to manage irrigation and maximize output.

Vegetable Garden Planner
Design your best garden ever.

I'm Just Saying...

"Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul."
- Luther Burbank

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Summer Season Mums


Millstadt Young Plants 2017 Summer Season Mum program is now open. View their catalog and price list for their offerings. Book your plants today for best availability!

Test Your Soil

Know Your Hardiness Zone


Knowing your plant hardiness zone is crucial information for selecting garden plants for your area. Hardiness zones are divided based on the coldest wintertime temperature in that specific location. The plant hardiness zone map is created and maintained by USDA and be can be found here . It’s important to check yearly as the map has been known to change. Since 1990, some states have jumped an entire zone! Gardeners and farmers a like should keep track of their hardiness zone when planning for the growing season.


Witch Hazel in Bloom


Not many flowers bloom in winter which makes witnessing ones that do even more spectacular. A popular wintertime bloomer is the Ozark Witch Hazel and the rumors of it in bloom are true! Ozark Witch Hazel is blooming now in the St. Louis area down to the Ozarks and well into Arkansas. Have you seen it blooming in your area? You can spot this unusual flowering shrub blooming until April through the Ozarks and into Oklahoma.


2016 Hummert's Grand Expo Vacation Winners


Romacks Greenhouse in Neoga, Illinois won our vacation giveaway at our 2016 Expo! It looks like they had a wonderful time.



Mark your calendars for our 2017 Expo - August 24th and you could be this year's winner!


February Birth Flowers


Left: Violet, Right: Primrose; Photo Credit: Farmers Almanac

The February birth flowers are Violet and Primrose. Violet, or Viola, is the largest genus in the Violaceae family. It has many symbolic meanings. Modesty, humbleness, and remembrance are a few. A flower wild to most of the Northern Hemisphere. You may also recognize the larger flowered cultivar: the pansy.

Primrose, or Primula, is another native to the Northern Hemisphere as well as Ethiopia, Indonesia, New Guinea, and South America. It has a symbolic reputation of gentleness, kindness, youth, and patience. The flower name stems from the Latin diminutive of primus which means prime, or first. A seemingly simple naming, as the Primrose flowers are some of the first to bloom in spring.