January 2017 Newsletter (vol.45)   >>   Taking Care of Your Houseplants


January is a great time to focus on your houseplant health. Here are some basic tips to help keep your houseplants happy and healthy.



  • Clean the outside of pots with steel wool and a water/vinegar solution
  • Dust the leaves of houseplants lightly with a damp washcloth or feather duster
  • For African Violets or other fuzzy leaf houseplants, use a feather duster instead of a damp washcloth



  • Research your plant's water, light, and humidity requirements to find the perfect location
  • Let tap water dissipate overnight to reduce chlorine content before watering
  • Let water warm to room temperature before watering plants
  • Remove any dead leaves or spent flowers
  • Re-pot overgrown plants and sanitize old pots for reuse
  • Don’t forget to fertilize



  • Quarantine new plants and monitor them closely for signs of harboring pests
  • Inspect your houseplants often. Be sure to check on and under the leaves, along the stem, and in the soil for signs of pest or disease damage
  • Apply insecticidal soap sprays to control most pests