March 2016 Newsletter (vol.42)   >>   Expanding our International Sales Group 1


We've reached an important milestone in 2016, our 85th year in business. Much has changed over the past 85 years … not only in the world in general, but especially and specifically in the horticultural industry. Certainly, the products have changed but perhaps even more dramatically, the market has changed. No longer do growers visit their neighborhood supply and seed merchants to acquire the products, service, and knowledge to help them succeed in their growing businesses. Through today’s technology, that neighborhood supply and seed merchant may be halfway across the world.


Today, more than ever, ours is a global economy with a global marketplace and no one knows this better than us at Hummert International. With thousands of active and growing customers spread across nearly 140 international locations, we are making changes too, by creating an expanded and fully-dedicated International Sales Group (ISG). The ISG, led by Export Manager Maryann DeRienzo and assisted by David Hollmann, is managed out of our Hummert global headquarters located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Together with an international network of regional sales professionals located in 6 strategic locations all across the globe, the ISG team has combined over 100 years’ experience in the horticulture/agriculture industry and in the knowledge of laws, rules, regulations, and requirements governing international commerce and trade. It is this experience that separates us from our global competitors. To celebrate with us our 85th anniversary or for more information on making Hummert International your new “neighborhood horticultural supply superstore”, please visit or contact the ISG directly through email at