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April 8th-10th
St. Charles Home Show

I'm Just Saying...

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant. – Robert louis Stevenson

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Jacto HD 400 Backpack Sprayer

Jacto Backpack Spray


Garden Tower

Garden Tower



Leigh Ann Johnson

Creative Director:
Nicole Hedden

2016 Mums & Poinsettias

It’s time to order your mum & poinsettia cuttings for the 2016 season. Order today for best availability and ship when you need them. Visit Contact your sales representative for more information.

Malmborg's Inc
2016 Summer Season Mums & Asters

Unpinched Yoder and Gediflora mums as well as asters are available in quantities of 50 per variety. They are rooted for 12 – 19 days.

Millstadt Young Plants
2016 Summer Season Mums & Poinsettias

Over the years, Millstadt Young Plants has continued to expand from the once small Heimos Greenhouses they have bloomed into the parent company of Millstadt Greenhouses, Millstadt Young Plants, and numerous retail outlets. After 63 years, the company encompasses over 2 million square feet in production space. Their Millstadt facility was built in 2001. It is home to Millstadt Young Plants that propagates rooted cutting for Ball/Selecta, Syngenta, in-house production, as well as a rooting station for Dummen-Orange. Hardy mums and asters as well as poinsettias sold as 50 or 100 rooted liners per variety.


Our Saturday Hours



We have started our convenient Saturday hours through May 21st. We know you're busy with Spring just right around the corner, so if you're working hard so are we! Give us a call or stop by our Earth City office from 8am - 12pm.


Calendar for Schools and Plants & Cuttings

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Coverings - Understanding the Yellowing Index


Reprinted with permission from AmeriLux International eNewsletter (October 2015)



There are many factors to consider when choosing a glazing material for a greenhouse. Factors to weigh are durability, light transmission, ease of installation, insulating qualities, longevity, and cost.

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DeWitt Programs - Now Extended! - Ship as product is available



Mixing It Up - How to mix a concentrate for an injector

Reprinted from Grower Talks June 2015 issue, article by Cliff Hoogland



Fertilizer recommendations are given in parts per million of nitrogen or as an amount per gallon of finished solution. For example, you may use a 15-5-15 fertilizer on tomatoes to supply nitrogen at a concentration of 200 ppm. For this, we normally use a fertilizer injector and make a concentrated fertilizer solution. To do this, you must determine how much of the fertilizer to put in the concentrate tank so the injector gives the desired concentration in the irrigation water. (For rates in tablespoons per gallon, go down to “Testing accuracy of the injector” for directions.)


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Myron L pH/EC Meter Maintenance Videos



pH Sensor Replacement

pH Sensor Cleaning

EC Cell Cup Cleaning



We're Celebrating our 85th Anniversary by Expanding our International Sales Group 1


We've reached an important milestone in 2016, our 85th year in business. Much has changed over the past 85 years … not only in the world in general, but especially and specifically in the horticultural industry. Certainly, the products have changed but perhaps even more dramatically, the market has changed. No longer do growers visit their neighborhood supply and seed merchants to acquire the products, service, and knowledge to help them succeed in their growing businesses. Through today’s technology, that neighborhood supply and seed merchant may be halfway across the world.


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Get your plugs and plants off to a great start while saving time and money!



It looks like it is going to be a strong spring selling season. This time of year is when plug production and transplanting is in full motion. Often times plug trays look fine and appear to have no issues. This can lead to a false sense of security and set the stage for disease issues later on in finish.


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Hummert's 2016 Spring Bulb List



Our offering of bulbs, roots and sets available for your summer garden. Included are begonias, caladiums, cannas, dahlias, gladiolus, elephant ears, lilies, peonies, along with asparagus roots, garlic and onion sets, rhubarb and strawberries. Click here to download the pricing.