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November 19th
Poinsettia Trial Open House

December 1st-3rd
Kansas Turfgrass Conference and Tradeshow

December 5th
Green Industry Conference

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Bucket Stool

Segway O



Dyna Green Bird Food

Kind LED Grow Lights


Orandelli Cabriolet




Leigh Ann Johnson

Creative Director:
Nicole Hedden

2016 Plants & Cuttings


A complete digital selection of plants and cuttings from all of our Growers with cultural information, images of each variety, and easy to use order forms. Now available on our website...

Calendar for Schools and Plants & Cuttings




Chroma Camera Drones - 1080P & 4K



With the Chroma camera drone, you can perform Greenhouse, Turf, and building inspections with ease! The Chroma allows you to shoot High Quality Video and photographs, while you stay safely grounded. It’s exclusive SAFE® Plus flight control technology, and stabilized HD camera make it easy. Everything you need comes in one box. Just attach the propellers, charge the battery and fly!

Call your sales representative at Hummert International to set up a demonstration.

Click here to see what a Chroma camera drone can do for you!

Presence of Mold on Growing Media



Source from Premier Tech Horticulture by Susan Parent

Mold will grow on almost any organic source, if the humidity is sufficiently high. Molds are generally created by filamentous fungi that are omnipresent in the environment. Each species can have different preferences for certain types of organic food sources, ranging from wood to plant debris. Many of these organisms are used in the food industry to produce wine and cheeses and in the pharmaceutical industry for antibiotic production.

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NEW Poly Inflation Controller



  • Regulates airflow for twin-film greenhouse blowers to maintain pressure between the film layers

  • Saves energy by maintaining pressure between films

  • Helps prevent damage by over or under inflation

  • Offers more stability in windy environments

  • Features a built in digital manometer

  • Offers local humidity and temperature data on the display

  • Has a remote temperature sensor located in the inlet air intake

  • This unit can be set to run in manual mode to hold a specified pressure setting or auto mode to adjust pressure based on temperature and wind gusts

National FFA Organization Membership Sets Record


Source National FFA Foundation

With the National Convention this week, we wanted to share the great news from the National FFA association. Hummert is a proud supporter of FFA and agriculture eduction programs across the country.

With global needs to fight hunger and prepare for the expected population growth, the industry of agriculture needs educated, skilled and passionate people dedicated to sustainability. The National FFA Organization is answering this need, as the record growth of the organization demonstrates.

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Check out this new product line that could replace fungicide and disinfectant applications by cleaning the air! These are great for germination chambers, fruit and vegetable packaging facitilities, cannabis operations and more.



  • Destroys bacteria, mold, fungus, pollen and microscopic dust particles

  • Prevents the formation of, for example, botrytis and penicillium digitatum

  • Free of chemicals and produces no ozone or other substances

  • Reduces and breaks down ethylene gas

  • Can reduce fungus in the air by 95% within 24 hours

  • Can reduce bacteria in the air by 100% within 24 hours

  • Is delivered ready to use and can start cleaning the air directly

  • Lamp and filter should be replaced annually, see lamp kit & filter below

GMO Answers


Click here to learn everything there is to know about GMO's and hot topics.

Dr. Charles Howard Korns



We were saddened to hear of Dr. Charles Korns passing from Southeast Missouri State University on September 6th.

Graduates and friends that attended the memorial service held at Southeast Missouri State University are working on an additional memorial, anyone interested in this information please contact Denise Pingel.

A scholarship was established to honor the 26 years of outstanding service provided by Dr. Charles Korns and his wife, Mrs. Marion Korns, to the Department of Agriculture at Southeast Missouri State University and the local community. This scholarship shall be awarded to an incoming freshman majoring in agriculture with preference to a student declaring an option in horticulture.