August 2015 Newsletter (vol.40)   >>   Mole Population Explosion

Have you heard, the mole population has exploded this year? Having a very wet year coming out of years of drought have caused moles to be much more noticeable this season. Moles feast on grubs and worms so it is no surprise that they follow their food source. Usually grubs and worms move deeper into the soil as the soil dries out during the summer months, but conversely this year the wet conditions have kept these insects “on top”.



Lucky us, this just means that moles are also staying “on top and are continuing to be a nuisance for an extended time this year! To compound the growing mole population, newer insecticides are more targeted controlling specific pests vs killing almost all insects, grubs, and worms they come into contact with like the old formulations. The grub controls used now target grubs with minimal harm to worms and other insects which means moles have an even better food supply than they once did. Couple the wet year with newer technology insecticides, and it is easy to see the mole population has grown at a terrifying rate…look to your lawn for evidence.



The most effective way to eradicate moles is to trap them. Yes there are repellents, but unless you continually apply them the moles will keep coming back. We recommend locating the main “runs” and step on them to make sure they are active. Once you have determined they are active, set the Easy-Set Mole Eliminator per the instructions. This method is very effective, so be prepared to dispose of moles.



Availability of mole traps have been limited this season due to the manufacturer being overwhelmed with the high demand. To help keep your lawn looking “Picture Perfect”, Hummert will be stocking larger quantities of mole traps on hand for all of your mole trapping enjoyment. Happy mole hunting!