April 2015 Newsletter (vol.39)   >>   Opening Pandora's Box

This issue of Enews challenges the reader to participate in topics at the forefront of our industry and our country. You will be asked to compare what you believe to what you know to what anyone knows. We live our lives the best we can based on the information we receive. This information may be filtered, slanted, or biased depending on social and environmental conditions. If you are reading this article, we can assume your environment does not restrict your ability to obtain information. Therefore, your completion of the statements below may be based on one or more of the following:


  1. You performed research
  2. You studied research performed by others
  3. You were influenced by something you read, heard, or watched
  4. You have some other social bias guiding your views


With that in mind, complete the statements below. As you read on do not look for hidden meanings or underhanded attempts to sway your thinking. I’m not that clever. These issues are wrought with opinion and controversy. After all the reading I completed I still find them confusing. See what you think.


Genetically Engineered Crops are:     Harmful     Safe     Don’t know


Marijuana Use is:     Harmful     Safe     Don’t know



Before reading on, please note that the purpose of this issue is to pose questions, not answer them. It is NOT meant to sway opinion or be a thesis complete with documented references. The research performed acquired data from multiple sources. While believed to be accurate, no assurances as to their validity are given or implied.