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I'm Just Saying...

The greatest reward from my education is not that it taught me what to think, but it taught me TO think.

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Opening Pandora's Box


This issue of Enews challenges the reader to participate in topics at the forefront of our industry and our country. You will be asked to compare what you believe to what you know to what anyone knows. We live our lives the best we can based on the information we receive. This information may be filtered, slanted, or biased depending on social and environmental conditions. If you are reading this article, we can assume your environment does not restrict your ability to obtain information.


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Information You May Want Concerning the National Debate: Repeal or Reform Marijuana Laws


My whole life I thought ‘Marijuana’ was just one of many slang terms used in reference to the plant botanically known as Cannabis. Doing research for this article I discovered the word originated in the 1930’s drive to criminalize its use in the US. The Mexican Revolution started in 1910 and led to an influx of low-income immigrants who brought with them their favorite form of intoxication. They called the plant “mariguana” and “marihuana”. The spelling was later modified to “marijuana” and popularized by Harry J. Anslinger who associated the drug, in bigoted fashion, with groups of perceived undesirables in cities throughout the US, but concentrated in boarder states.


While few today may jump to this stereotype when picturing a typical user, we still have our ideas. But whether it is a basement full of teenagers or Chief Unser fighting off the effects of chemotherapy, chances are you have images come to mind when you hear the word. Ten years ago I believed marijuana use would eventually fade away. Now I wonder how long it will take before it becomes as common as beer. Depending on where you live (and the company you keep) it may already be common, if not legal. But should it be legal, and, if so, for what?


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What are you waiting for?

The G.M.O. Debate



For the purposes of this article, let’s limit the focus of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) to crops developed in laboratories. I have no idea of the amount of time, energy, research, and yes, money required to identify the gene carrying a trait desirable for another plant. Beyond that, scientists are able to extract that gene and insert it into the other plant and create a viable hybrid. While this process takes place “naturally” all the time through cross-breeding, the lab seems to accomplish the desired goal more directly. But, is it as safe?


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Seeds of the Months

March: German Giant Radish


Radishes remind me of my youth. My father loved them and we enjoyed them often. Freshly washed, cut in half, with a little salt and we were good to go. As the name implies this variety of radish is believed to have originated in Germany and gets BIG (for a radish). One may harvest them small or large (up to 4 inches in diameter) and will find they remain mild, sweet and crispy. They enjoy full sun and moderate water and will do well in late spring/early summer. A late summer planting will also yield a fall crop if desired.




German Giant Radish – 72-2719 (page 80)


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April: Apogee Pumpkin.


Once October rolls around you can find a pumpkin almost everywhere you look. But if you want to provide your customer with something more unique then this is a great choice. The Apogee grows on average to a weight between 40 and 60 pounds and sports a thick, black handle and rough, textured ribbing. Give your customers what they are looking for with this high-yield, disease-resistant winner!




Apogee Pumpkin – 72-6510 (page 76)


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Did you know?



In Ancient Greek Mythology, the god Zeus became furious with Prometheus after he gave man the gift of fire in defiance of his orders. Zeus chained Prometheus to a rock for years to punish him, but it just was not enough. He decided to punish Prometheus’ kind-hearted brother, Epimetheus, as well. Zeus commissioned Hephaestus to make him a beautiful daughter out of clay. Hephaestus did so, brought her to life, and presented her to Zeus. Zeus named his daughter Pandora and made up a story, telling Epimetheus how sad he was to keep Prometheus from him and wanted him to marry Pandora. Zeus’ wedding gift to the couple was a jar that came with specific instructions to always keep it sealed. (Retellings of the story converted the jar to a box – obviously.) Eventually Pandora’s curiosity gets the best of her and she opens the jar. In an instant everything bad that exists in the world was unleashed to wreak havoc on mankind. But, the very last ‘bug’ to exit the jar was HOPE.


Allusions to Pandora’s Box occur quite frequently yet today, conjuring images of unknown and unwanted harm that may result from a given action.