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2015 Gateway Small Fruit & Vegetable Conference


CTE Conference Manhattan, Kansas

February 20th
Horticultural Sciences Day Overland Park, Kansas

February 27th - March 1st
The Lawn and Garden Show
Springfield, Missouri
(see us in
booth 216)

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Easy-Set Mole Eliminator

Dyna Green Winterizer



Repellex Systemic Granular Repellent

Ultimate Potting Mix


Double Jeopardy Mouse Glue Trap

Telescopic Adjustable Rake



Dave Beard

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Dave Beard
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Nicole Hedden


Critter Control


As Groundhog Day arrives, many thoughts turn to the upcoming spring with longing and anticipation. Chores will call us outside not long after the thaw. As we step out, we prepare ourselves for the possibility of unnoticed, unanticipated, and undesired damage to lawns and gardens. Although they may go deep to avoid the cold, many of these critters responsible for damage to these areas do not hibernate like the groundhog. In honor of the burrowing beast, let’s look into controlling our furry foes.

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Greenhouse Space Available


At Hummert’s Earth City facility we operate connected greenhouses covering approximately 3,456 square feet. We use the space to test products and methods as well as help customers in the time of need or crisis. This newly renovated space is always here. Let us know if you have a need for all of the space. External greenhouse doors and a dedicated alarm system provide 24/7 access. In the past we rented the entire space for two years, and parts of it for a few months. The important point is that you know it is here should you have a need. Please contact Jim Duever at if you have any interest.

Programs! Get Your Programs Here!

Throughout the year, Hummert partners with our vendors to provide significant savings to our customers. Programs act as springboards to seasonal growing needs. A typical program features price discounts, and many include extended terms and/or term discounts. I just looked at a couple of the Mum programs currently available and saw a discounts as high as 47%. Most are not that high, of course, but there are many bargains waiting. We do our best to make sure we alert everyone about current and future programs so be on the lookout or ask your friendly Hummert representative about them the next time you talk.

Traditional programs include Soils & Media, Potatoes & Onions, Mum products, Poly, Bushels Baskets, Pumpkin Planters, and Dyna Green Hoses. Potatoes & Onions and Mum programs are in full swing now. We want to add to our offerings and desire your input. Let us know the products that most interest you and when a program would most benefit your business, school, or institution.

Prices are not available online, customers must mention the program when placing orders to get program pricing.

How to Mix a Concentrate For an Injector


Fertilizer recommendations are most often given in terms of the concentration of a desired element in the irrigation water. This concentration is expressed as parts per million (ppm). For example, you may use a 20-10-20 fertilizer on poinsettias to supply nitrogen at a concentration of 300 ppm. For this, we normally use a fertilizer injector and make a concentrated fertilizer solution. To do this, you must determine how much of the fertilizer to put in the concentrate tank (or stock solution) so the injector gives the desired concentration in the irrigation water.

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Seed of the Month

Cauliflower "Cheddar"


My apologies to all the other seeds who craved this honor so deeply, but this month’s winner is CAULIFLOWER CHEDDAR. Appropriately named for its yellow-orange hue, this visual beauty pleases the eyes and taste buds and is good for hearts. Packed with 25 times the Beta-carotine found in standard white cauliflower, this gourmet variety proves easy to sell at market. Although NOT heat tolerant, sun cover is not required and it does grow easy in cool weather. Find it on the bottom of page 19 in the Hummert Seed & Supply 2015 Seed Catalog.




Cauliflower "Cheddar"– 72-5840 (page 19)


Check out this variety in our 2015 Seed Catalog

Parting Words

January 24, 2015


Last night a group of people went out after work. They gathered to bid farewell to a colleague who found a new job far closer to home. This was her last day. People ate, drank and shared stories, not just of work, but of their lives. They left knowing a little more about each other, and felt better for the experience.


Megan Lavy officially left Hummert yesterday, but she will remain in all she worked with during her time here. The legacy of her voice, her smile, and yes, her work, will live on in us. It brings to mind just how quickly people pass through our lives. Some barely make a sound while others change us completely. Ultimately, they all matter!


Last night, friends got together, and lived.


Good luck, Megan!!