December 2014 Newsletter (vol.36)   >>   Don't Delay, Stock Up Today

As the colder weather sets in, we all start to think about the past winter that felt never-ending. In the early spring months, the snow and ice seemed to keep coming, yet ice melt resources were depleting. Even though winter is not officially here yet, talk of ice melt shortages is already a buzz.


Much of the reason for these shortages is because of problems in acquiring the ingredients that ice melts are manufactured from. Stock already is low because of the widespread need from last year. Now, there are not raw ingredients available to make more. Most of the ingredients are imported from the Middle East. With all the unrest and conflict going on there, production has slowed down significantly. What stocks there are, only become available at odd times. A lot of the supplies have been pre-claimed by the government and the military leaving very little available for manufacturers to use for public production.


With all of this going on, many ask, how can I prepare for the ice melt shortage? One way is to buy early. The most obvious way to avoid the stress associated with a shortage of ice melt and other products is to stock up in advance. Instead of waiting until the weather forecast calls for precipitation and freezing conditions, anticipate your need ahead of time and purchase several bags while the weather is still nice. Not only will this ensure that you won’t have to deal with retailers that have run out of their inventory, but you won’t be forced to drive in dangerous conditions to purchase it either. Once you buy early, you must also store the product properly. In order for ice melt to be effective and ready for use at a moment’s notice, you need to ensure that you store it in a place where it will remain clean and dry. You might consider storing bags inside of an unused trash can, or inside of plastic bins with a sealable lid.


As the winter progresses, the need for ice melt and other alternatives is only going to increase. Here at Hummert, we were fortunate enough to plan ahead and have a good supply of zero ice on hand in several sizes. Book your zero ice early and often here at Hummert, call today!