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Happy Holidays

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Western/National Green Center
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The first candy cane dates back to 1670 in Germany. According to holiday lore, a choirmaster distributed sugar sticks bent into the shape of a shepherds’ crook to quiet his young singers during Christmas services.

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Happy Holidays!


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As the colder weather sets in, we all start to think about the past winter that felt never-ending. In the early spring months, the snow and ice seemed to keep coming, yet ice melt resources were depleting. Even though winter is not officially here yet, talk of ice melt shortages is already a buzz.

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Hardwood Cuttings


For most gardeners, as the cold weather moves in, it means a long rest period before next spring arrives. However, some start scouting, planning and propagating deciduous plants and narrow-leaved evergreens. Hardwood cuttings from these plants are taken during the late fall or early winter after a hard frost when the plants have become dormant.

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BioSafe Disease Control Now Labeled For Hydroponic


BioSafe Systems is pleased to announce our BioSafe Disease Control Ready to Spray concentrate is now labeled and EPA registered for use in hydroponic systems. Use BioSafe Disease Control in hydroponic and aquaponic systems to prevent algae and plant root rot diseases caused by water borne and water transmitted plant pathogens such as Pythium & Phytophthora*.

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Seed of the Month

Kale "Red Russian"


This delicious grey-green kale is pretty enough to plant among the flowers. “Red Russian” is a pre-1885 heirloom that is very tender and mild. Much larger than regular kale, the stems are a deep magenta and the leaves are shaped like big oak leaves. The purple color becomes richer after frost, when the flavor becomes sweeter. Kale requires good cultivation; mulch or hoe frequently to keep soil loose and weed-free. “Red Russian” likes full sun and is popular used as a colorful micro green and as a full size for market. This variety is in stock now, order early!




Kale "Red Russian"– 72-5003 (page 53)


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