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Happy Thanksgiving

Apply 2nd application of Winterizer around Thanksgiving



Kansas Turf Conference

Missouri Green Industry Conference
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Western/National Green Center
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Not all turkeys gobble, hens make a clucking noise instead.



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Dyna Green Winterizer


Dyna Green Winterizer



Paper Sleeves


Ultimate Potting Mix


Telescopic Adjustable Rake


Telescopic Adjustable Rake



Megan Lavy

Contributing Writers:
Megan Lavy
Cliff Hoogland
Vivian Mahan
Jennifer Zurko

Creative Director:
Nicole Hedden


Greenhouse Heating Tips


End of summer maintenance: Summer is over and it is time to crank up the heating system. It is also time to make the routine checks necessary to insure that your heating equipment is going to function properly.

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3 Year Anniversary


November marks the 3 year anniversary of our E-Newsletter. We are so excited about the interest and support that we have received that we would like to hear from you! We want to know what topics, concerns, and trends you want to hear about in order to make the next 3 years even better! Send us your thoughts at

Follow That Cutting!


Jennifer Zurko | Photography by Southwest Airlines
Taken from Grower Talks



Request your 2015 Plants & Cuttings Catalog today!


Think about the liners that will be arriving in a few months to your greenhouse. Or the finished plants that you’ll be seeing on those metal racks come spring. Do you know how they got there?

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Recipe for a Great Growing Season


Veggies Veggies 2

Grown at Hummert International in Springfield, MO.

  1. Pour Dyna Mix in your raised bed

  2. Add some Chick Magic when you add your plants

  3. Water In

  4. Fertilize every 2 weeks with Chick Magic

  5. Then sit back and wait

End Result: Over 100 pints of canned tomato juice, salsa and sauce from only 6 plants.

Soil Testing


Soil can be tested any time of the year, as nutrient levels vary only slightly from season to season. Fall and early winter are the best times to have soil tested. The labs are not as busy as they are during the spring and it leaves more time for planning and applying corrective fertilizer and pH adjusters.


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Seed of the Month


Cabbage "Bravo" Hybrid



This rugged hybrid has performed well from the Deep South in the winter to the North in the summer. The large round heads are a beautiful blue-green color. Use close spacing, 10-12” for market use and wide spacing, 18-24” for sauerkraut. This cabbage can thrive in almost any kind of soil, but prefers to have mulch or manure. 85 days after germination, be prepared to harvest 4-6 lb heads. “Bravo” has a sweet flavor and is crack resistant. Order this delicious hybrid today for next year’s crop!




Cabbage "Bravo" Hybrid – 72-1765 (page 10)


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