October 2014 Newsletter (vol.34)   >>   Cool Season Turf for the Transition Zones


New and established lawns may be maintained at different levels of perfection according to individual situations and desires, but good lawns seldom “just happen”. Along with fertilizing, choosing the right grass seed is important. Your budget, time and current situation all play key factors in deciding what is best for you. See the posing problems below and see if they match your current needs to find the right solution for you.


Problem: A large, unnoticed area, and not a lot of funds, high traffic, no irrigation system, sun or shade, don’t want disease or insect problems.

Solution: K-31 tall fescue

  • A 50lb bag will cover about 7,000 square feet
  • K-31 has a wide leaf blade that gives a coarse texture
  • Great for the large lawn not used for show, but can be used as a lawn the kids use as a soccer or football field with their friends
  • Mow at 3-3 ½”


Problem: A lot of area that will be noticed, don’t have the time or money for a lot of maintenance, sun and shade all in the same area.

Solution: Supreme Park Mix

  • 50lb bag will cover about 8,000 square feet
  • Great for parks and other large lawn areas that are seen by the public
  • The leaf blades are narrow giving a fine texture
  • This mix has a number of different grasses, so where one will fail, the others will fill in, allowing you to use one mix for all of your lawn areas
  • Mow at 3”


Problem: Don’t want to water the lawn.

Solution: Independence Tall Fescue Blend

  • 50lb bag will cover about 6,000 square feet
  • Tolerates drought, heat, shade and high traffic
  • Resists brown patch, other diseases and insects
  • Good for golf roughs, residential lawns, low maintenance turf and non-irrigated areas
  • Occasional spot seeding might be necessary as Independence does no spread, so bare spots from mole hills will need a little extra seed in the fall.
  • Mow at 1½ - 2½ inches, however non-irrigated areas should be kept at 3-3 ½ during the summer and areas in the shade


Problem: Independence Blend sounds great, but I want something that will spread to fill in bare spots.

Solution: Turf Saver w/ RTF Plus

  • 50lb bag will cover 6,000 square feet
  • This mix has a little bluegrass to quickly fill in bare spots
  • The majority of the tall fescue is a rhizomatous variety that will fill in after the bluegrass
  • RTF (Rhizomatous tall fescue) has roots up to 8’ and saves 30% on water


Problem: RTF sounds nice, but is there a cheaper option?

Solution: Hummert Fescue/Blue

  • 50lb bag will cover 6,000 square feet
  • The same tall fescue varieties in Independence with a little bluegrass to fill the turf in


Problem: Is there an RTF for shade?

Solution: Turf Saver RTF Shady Mix

  • 50lb bag will cover 6,000 square feet
  • Hard fescue added in for those really shady areas


Problem: Cheaper option for shade or really shady area.

Solution: Hummert Deluxe Shady

  • 50lb bag will cover 7,000 square feet
  • If this mix doesn’t grow in your shade, then call an arborist to thin the branches on your tree or grow wild ginger instead
  • Tolerates drought and heat
  • Recovers quickly and with only 1-2 lbs of N per 1000 square feet, you can’t get more low maintenance


Problem: Tall Fescue is nice, but I want my bluegrass and I don’t care about the maintenance needed.

Solution: Best of Blues

  • 50lb bag will cover 16,000 square feet • A finer texture than tall fescue
  • Tolerates traffic and low mowing, 1-2”
  • Resists leaf spot and summer patch diseases
  • Aggressive rhizomes for superior recovery from wear and damage
  • 4-5 lbs of N per 1000 square feet and water through the summer for best results


Problem: I want low maintenance bluegrass.

Solution: Common Kentucky Bluegrass

  • 50lb bag will cover 16,000 square feet
  • Water is not needed to keep this alive through the summer unless there is an extended drought
  • This will go dormant before tall fescue for the summer and come back in the fall
  • 1-2 lbs of N per 1000 square feet


Problem: I want what they grow at Busch Stadium. I want the best bluegrass available.

Solution: HGT Bluegrass Blend

  • 50lb bag will cover 16,000 square feet • Aggressive, green, and fast germinating
  • Grows well under difficult conditions
  • Durable under high traffic conditions
  • Best disease and insect resistance on the market
  • Perfect for athletic fields


Problem: HGT sounds great, is there a cheaper option?

Solution: RTF/HGT Blend

  • 50lb bag will cover 6,000 square feet
  • Most aggressive fescue and bluegrass on the market
  • Great green color and the best disease and drought tolerance available in one blend


Problem: I’m a landscape contractor that just finished a job and the whole area is bare. I need something to come up quickly before the next downpour, but I don’t want a call back next summer from the customer complaining that their grass is dead.

Solution: Contractor Blend

  • 50lb bag will cover 6,000 square feet
  • Turf type annual rye comes up quick to provide cover and hold the soil while the tall fescue germinates
  • The tall fescue will survive the summer and come back year after year • Perfect for hillsides and other erodible areas


Problems: The areas in front of the soccer goals are worn out. My warm season grass went dormant and I don’t want a brown lawn for the rest of the fall.

Solution: SOS 220

  • 50lb bag covers 7,000 square feet
  • Half turf type annual rye and half perennial rye
  • Great wear tolerance, very good disease resistance, fast establishment and coverage, excellent cold temperature germination


Problem: My athletic fescue field is getting thin in spots.

Solution: RPR (Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass)

  • 50lb bag covers 8,000 square feet
  • Pseudo-stolons deliver a regenerating ability that separates it from all other perennial rye grass
  • Dark green color and lush growth
  • Wear, drought (which is common in the fall), cold and low mowing tolerant


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