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Apply first application of Winterizer around Halloween

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National FFA Convention
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In early colonial times, pumpkins were used as an ingredient for the crust of pies, not for the filling.


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Warp's Flex-O-Glass Greenhouse Films - 6 Mil 4-Year UV Film

Ultimate Potting Mix



Landscaper Poly Lawn Rake with Fiberglass Handle

22 in Urn


Dyna Green Fall Weed & Feed




Megan Lavy

Contributing Writers:
Megan Lavy
Cliff Hoogland
Paul Fisher, Rosanna Freyre & John Erwin

Creative Director:
Nicole Hedden


Hummert's Grand Expo 2014

Fall Growers Contest Winners

Conducting Onsite Greenhouse Trials

Paul Fisher, Rosanna Freyre & John Erwin
Taken from the Volume 77, Number 1 edition of Grower Talks

1. Decide on the objective, or research question, for the experiment. What’s the problem you’re trying to solve? The objective should address a specific and important production question, be testable with an experiment, and the experimental outcomes should be measureable and answer the research question. For example, your objective might be: “To evaluate four root substrates—including our current peat/perlite mix—in terms of root growth, rooting percentage and shoot growth on petunia and nemesia when grown with our current mist irrigation system.”

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Beautiful Containers: What Not To Do!


1. Don’t fill a large container in the wrong place: Ever tried to lift a large container filled with dirt and plants? It can be overwhelmingly heavy. When using a large or awkward container, make sure to place your pot where it will stay and then fill it, you’ll save your back. If there ever is a time where planting in place is not an option, the pot lifter helps make moving large/bulky items easy and safe.

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5 lb Dyna Green Starter Fertilizer 12-20-6 with Fertil Blend

DG Starter Fertilizer


  • Blended for rapid establishment of sod or new seedlings

  • The high phosphorus ensures successful seed germination and rapid root growth

  • Total nitrogen: 7.83% ammoniacal, 4.17% urea; Phosphate: Ammonium phosphate 20%; Potash MOP: 6%; Iron: 1%; SGN: 200

  • Apply: Anytime when you are starting new seed or sod; or when soil tests indicate a phosphorus deficiency

  • Coverage: 5 lb bag up to 1,350 sq ft

Cool Season Turf for the Transition Zones


New and established lawns may be maintained at different levels of perfection according to individual situations and desires, but good lawns seldom “just happen”. Along with fertilizing, choosing the right grass seed is important. Your budget, time and current situation all play key factors in deciding what is best for you. See the posing problems below and see if they match your current needs to find the right solution for you.

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Seed of the Month

Geen Bush Bean “Valentino”


If you have been searching for a nice bean variety that will hold up in the heat of summer, look no further than “Valentino”. This stringless variety is a glossy and attractive option to have on your farmer’s market table. The “Valentino” bean has a concentrated pod set making it easy for harvest and matures in only 55 days. This bush bean is perfect for fresh cooking, canning or pickling. Being low in fiber this bean stays tender when cooked. For more on “Valentino” or to order your favorite bean variety, call a member of the friendly sales team at Hummert International.




Green Bush Bean "Valentino" – 72-7680 (page 6)


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