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Garden for Fitness, Garden for Health



Many of us worry about what we put into our bodies so we garden and grow our own food! Have you ever thought about what you are doing to your body while gardening? The garden has many benefits other than the produce we take out of it. It not only helps relieve stress, but it also allows us to get vitamin D through the sunshine and on top of that, you get to enjoy fresh air, and get a great workout at the same time!

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Poinsettias: Preparing for the “W” Word


With the fall brings preparation for the holiday season. For growers, this may mean poinsettia production. Proper irrigation, fertilization, climate control, disease control, and insect control are some of the many factors that go into growing a beautiful poinsettia crop. When it comes to insect problems on poinsettia crops, a grower’s main concern is whitefly infestation. Whiteflies affect both the vigor and sale ability of this staple holiday plant. How does one prevent or control a whitefly population? The first step is identification.

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5 Algae-Busting Tips for Your Grow Room


Taken from Link4’s blog



Growing fruits, vegetables and herbs in a hydroponic grow room can eliminate many of the natural hazards that have challenged farmers for centuries. However, one of the perils that will follow your plants inside from the outdoors is algae. These microscopic organisms thrive in the same mild temperatures and lighting conditions that are conducive to many grow room crops.

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Seed of the Month

Cauliflower “Graffiti”


This dark and “true” purple cauliflower will brighten up any garden or market booth. “Graffiti” is well adapted and vigorous with large heads deep in color that stays true even after cooking. This crop is very dependable doing well in coastal climate, north, and even the humidity of the south! This variety is resistant to downy mildew making it easy to grow in rainy or humid climates. Plant these seeds in full sun with moist but well-drained soil, and in 70-80 days be prepared to harvest 7-8”, smooth and vibrant purple heads of “Graffiti”. You can order or pick up your seeds from Hummert International.




Cauliflower "Graffiti" – 75-5850 (page 12)


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