July 2014 Newsletter (vol.31)   >>   The Perfect Team Player!

If you and your team are looking for the perfect team player this summer, look no further than Turface! For years, this conditioner has helped improve ball diamonds and get games played! Whether you are topdressing, renovating native soils, or just preventing rain-outs, put Turface in your line up.


Turface can be used in many different areas of the field to correct and manage a variety of issues. Before beginning any project, it is always a good idea to get a soil test. Although Turface may be a common term in baseball and softball, it also is a powerful tool in the horticultural industry. So, what exactly is Turface? Broadly speaking it is a moisture management tool which helps to maintain moisture deep in the soil, but at the same time removing excess moisture when conditions are wet. In a more technical term: crushed aggregates, vitrified clay or shale, brick dust, diatomaceous earth and calcined clay are what make up this soil conditioner. In addition to moisture control, Turface also assists in reducing compaction and improving Cat-ion exchange capacity in soils.


Unfortunately oxygen deficiency does not show up on a soil test, nor does drainage issues. Without the flow of oxygen or proper drainage in your soil the turf, flowers or even trees will suffer. Because Turface has the ability to absorb large amounts of water and release it slowly, this permanent fixture in your lawn, garden bed or ball field may be all you need. If other fertilizers/amendments are required, no problem, Turface has a neutral pH and has the benefit of a high cat-ion exchange capacity working together with any fertilizers you may use.


As mentioned, there are multiple locations that could benefit from Turface including, but not limited to: ball fields, garden beds and lawns. To obtain the best results, look for a variety of Turface to fit your every need. You can find an array of options at Hummert International including:



Although Turface has been used by professional growers, nurseries, landscapers and professional athletic organizations behind the scenes for years, the secret is out. This “magic” amendment that has been baked at 1500 degrees to become a permanent soil particle, produced to never break down, is available to you. If this sounds like the solution to your problem, ask a member of our friendly sales team to help you figure out the right amount and type of Turface you need. Batter Up!