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The frequency of a cricket's chirp fluctuates with the temperature. If you count a cricket's chirps for 15 seconds and add 40, you will have the approximate outdoor temperature (in Fahrenheit).


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Jennifer Zurko

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Happy 4th of July

Pre-Emergent Herbicides, How Will You Lose Yours?

By: Jacob Hueste


When imagining a perfect lawn, landscape or garden, weeds are not usually in the picture. To accomplish this feat we need help from post and pre-emergent herbicides. Post-emergent herbicides are used to control the weeds that are already present in the landscape whereas pre-emergent herbicides are used to control weed seeds that are in the soil yet to germinate. However, after applying pre-emergent herbicides (and some post-emergent), it is impossible to reseed and sometimes replant until the herbicide has left the soil. There are many ways that a pre-emergent herbicide can be broken down in the environment. Learning more about your herbicides and which modes of degradation are common will help you better gauge the longevity of your pre-emergent herbicide in the landscape.

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The Perfect Team Player!


If you and your team are looking for the perfect team player this summer, look no further than Turface! For years, this conditioner has helped improve ball diamonds and get games played! Whether you are topdressing, renovating native soils, or just preventing rain-outs, put Turface in your line up.

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Kuul Pads

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Hummert has Kuul Pads in stock and we're gonna shout it!


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Today's Pests: What You Need to Watch For

Compiled by Jennifer Zurko
Taken from Volume 76, Number 12 edition of Grower Talks


Entomologists and disease experts tell us what you should be aware of and how to handle any outbreaks as you head into the spring season.

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Plant of the Month

Phlox Paparazzi Britney


This new hybrid will remind you of its close relative, Subulata, looking much like the commonly known Moss Phlox. With a low mounding growth habit that becomes covered in flowers in mid to late spring, Paparazzi Britney performs great by adding color and attracting butterflies to a rock garden or boarder of a perennial bed. The light green foliage spreads, creating a back drop for the fragrant pink flowers that cover it. At a mature height of 8-10” you may also decide to plant this perennial in containers or use it as a ground cover! Phlox prefers full sun and sandy soil with good drainage. Once established this drought tolerant plant will become rather easy to care for allowing you to enjoy its color all spring long. Hardy in zones 5-8.




Phlox Paparazzi Britney – 86MD69 (page 61)


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