June 2014 Newsletter (vol.30)   >>   Hummert International:Your Hydroponic Headquarters


Hydroponics is quickly moving from the wave of the future to a present day solution for providing produce to an ever-expanding population. This extremely efficient method of growing helps conserve water and energy resources while growing beautiful, healthy crops in shorter periods of time. Hydroponics is also a great way to grow produce at home as the units are easy to setup, move indoors and outdoors, and provide a low maintenance approach to growing. Hummert International has an extensive and expanding line of hydroponic products to fit all of your growing needs. Our specialists can provide the knowledge and resources necessary to get you started with a hobby hydroponic unit or to expand into any size commercial hydroponic growing environment.


Hobby gardeners will enjoy the ease of growing in simple compact units such as Emily’s Garden. This hydroponic window planter uses a wick system, in which water is wicked up from a basin to the media to feed pots of herbs, flowers or greens. Just add media, seeds of your choice and fill the basin with water and let the unit do the rest as you watch your crops grow with little assistance. We also offer drip irrigation units for home use such as the Versaponic Growth System and the Microgarden. Both of these units are a little larger than the wick system but offer the ability to grow fruit producing crops along with herbs and greens. Ebb and flow models such as the Econo System and the Bigfoot System from American Hydroponics allow for a mini-garden set-up in a variety of media. These units work great for any leafy green or herb crop. They can be fitted with net pots or tray covers to provide the ideal hydroponic grow system that is compact and easy to use. Many sizes of Power Cloner units are available for aeroponic propagation. Use these for fast and effective clone production from cuttings and marvel at the excellent root structures that are formed.


All of the units mentioned above are also perfect for classroom settings. Agriculture and science teachers can easily fit these products into the classroom or existing greenhouse. The plants will grow faster allowing for more than one crop per school year and the soilless setup allows students to easily view all the structures of the plant. Add those benefits to the fact that hydroponics is perfect for teaching about nutrients and pH and these units make an outstanding addition to any program. Best of all, you can provide produce for the students to take home or offer them in the school cafeteria. If your school already has an established crop, consider one of our larger units that can provide more plant space and production. The Nutrient Film Technique and Aeroflo units come in a variety of larger sizes and they fit well in rooms and greenhouses. These units and techniques can provide a completely media-free environment allowing for a cleaner root zone with less pathogens and pests. Many schools are using hydroponics programs to teach students and provide them with fresh, nutritious, local vegetables from a great sustainable growing model.


Growers that are looking to expand into farmers markets or commercial production have several hydroponic options for any size production. If you want to start off by producing hundreds of heads of lettuce each cycle choose a model from American Hydropins such as either the 612 Herb and Lettuce System or a 312 Herb and Lettuce System. Both of these units come with absolutely everything you need to start growing. Just add water and seed and in a few short weeks with the proper conditions you will have great looking fresh produce. If you are interested in growing fruiting crops like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers we have several solutions to get you started. Another system from American Hydroponics is the Vine System is great for getting started or customizing your own bucket layout with our vast array of individual parts. Another option to consider growing any of these crops in grow slabs. These blocks can be 100% natural Coir substrates or rockwool slabs. Place them in rows on the ground or in gutters, plug in drip irrigation and watch your crops grow sky high. Many of our systems are completely customizable and we have the expertise and experience to help you with any situation.


If you have already got your feet wet with hydroponics, let us be your source for any parts and nutrients you need along the way. We have fertilizer programs from Botanicare and Floragro that can be specialized for any crop. We also carry a large line of a variety of water soluble fertilizers from Peters and Jacks along with nutrient supplements to help hone in on the best possible production for your crop. Hummert international carries all of the starting and growing media you need from Coir and Rockwool to perlite and Oasis along with many other options. Need a new pump for water or air? We have a great selection of submersible pumps with of the line and parts you need to keep your system running. Come see us for solution testers for pH and EC and the chemicals needed to balance your nutrient solution.


Whether you are new to hydroponics or a seasoned grower looking for new materials, Hummert International wants to be your one stop source for everything you need. Our greenhouse is recently updated with an array of equipment and products in action. Give us a call to discuss how we can make hydroponics work for you or come by and see our newly expanded hydroponic growing area.