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The dry, yellow pieces that appear to be seeds on a strawberry are actually a type of dry fruit (called achene)... that contain their own seeds!


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Pylex Herbicide

Premium, broad-spectrum, post emergent herbicide for the best control of Bermuda grass and goose grass in cool season turf.

With the active ingredient topramezone, this new post emergent herbicide effectively controls numerous weeds including Bermudagrass, goosegrass, crabgrass, nimblewill, white clover and speedwell.

Pylex is ideal for use on most cool-season grasses, including Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, fine fescue and perennial ryegrass. Warm-season turfgrass is sensitive to the product, with the exception of centipedegrass, which is tolerant. Pylex has also shown excellent seeding flexibility by allowing seeding to occur any time at or after the time of application. After application it is absorbed by leaves, roots and shoots and works by affecting photosynthesis in the plant, which results in bleaching of target weeds.

Pylex should always be used with a MSO to improve herbicide coverage, resulting in improved weed control. Labeled for use on golf courses, lawns, athletic fields and sod farms.

Hummert International:Your Hydroponic Headquarters


Hydroponics is quickly moving from the wave of the future to a present day solution for providing produce to an ever-expanding population. This extremely efficient method of growing helps conserve water and energy resources while growing beautiful, healthy crops in shorter periods of time. Hydroponics is also a great way to grow produce at home as the units are easy to setup, move indoors and outdoors, and provide a low maintenance approach to growing. Hummert International has an extensive and expanding line of hydroponic products to fit all of your growing needs. Our specialists can provide the knowledge and resources necessary to get you started with a hobby hydroponic unit or to expand into any size commercial hydroponic growing environment.

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In Remembrance

Flora Flag

As a patriotic gesture after the tragedy of September 11, 2001, Bodger Seeds planted a Floral Flag in Lompoc, California in 2002. It had been 50 years since they have planted such a flag. There have been four Floral Flags planted by Bodger Seeds in Lompoc during the last century: 1942, 1943, 1945, 1952. All of the flags were comprised of Red, White and Blue Larkspur flowers. Some of the flags were planted in a background of White Larkspur.

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Cut Your Energy Bill This Year!

By Jennifer Zurko
Taken from Volume 78, Number 1 edition of Grower Talks


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Let’s put this winter behind us. Repress the memories like what you learned in high school algebra. Forget about it like a psycho ex-boyfriend (or girlfriend).


For many of us, we have a reason to be more thankful than normal that spring is literally knocking on our door. Most of us had never heard of a “Polar Vortex” until this winter, when temperatures in many parts of the country were 20 to 30 degrees below normal. In your faithful scribe’s hometown of Chicago, the temps got to as low as minus 15F with windchills minus 50F. The home furnace was working overtime and, thankfully, never quit on us.

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Order Pumpkins Now!

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With spring plant sales starting to wind down, now is a great time to start thinking about fall crops. With mums and asters being started now, think outside the box and consider growing pumpkins, gourds and ornamental corn. The best time to plant all of the above is before Father’s day so it gives them ample time to grow and be ready for the fall season.


Check our the Hummert Seed Catalog for all your fall seed needs.

For Dads Who Love the Outdoors


This is the time of year not only to work on the lawn and garden, but also to celebrate DAD! This year Father’s Day falls on June 15th and Hummert International has many of the fun tools and equipment that Dad is dreaming of. Whether you make it a family effort, or it is solo time for Dad to get away, surprise him with lawn and garden supplies that will truly make his day!

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Plant of the Month

Mandevilla Fury
"Fire and Ice


This climbing and twining tropical really packs a punch. “Fire and Ice” offers a prolific flower display of intense red trumpets popping off a cream and green variegated background of semi-evergreen foliage. This flowering vine is a more compact variety, making it great for mailboxes, containers or baskets. It will mature to 3-4’ in height when grown in prime conditions of well-drained soil which is allowed to dry out between watering. Mandevilla will take a broad range of light from full sun to partial shade. This tropical beauty prefers temperatures above 70 degrees but does well in hardiness zones 8-11, putting it around a 28 degree minimum. Depending on where you are located, you may choose to bring this beautiful tropical indoors for part of the year. If you do bring the plant inside place it in as much direct light as possible and keep the watering to a minimum. A regular schedule of a 10-20-10 fertilizer will keep the Mandevilla full of colorful blooms for seasons to come!




Mandevilla Fury "Fire and Ice" – 85K706 (page 38)


Check out this variety in our 2014 Plants & Cuttings Catalog