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There are approximately 250,000 different types of flowering plants in the world.


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Composted Cotton Burrs

Gardener's Hollow Leg


Diatomaceous Earth


1600 X-Clude Formula 2


Cleaning House

Clean Greenhouse

Patrick Steppuhn, Hummert’s greenhouse guru, has a mantra about how to have a pest-free greenhouse, “Start Clean. Keep It Clean.” Cleanliness is a key ingredient for a healthy greenhouse. Your goal should be a spotless greenhouse where insects and fungi have a hard time surviving. Now is a perfect time to clean house.


First, remove dirt and organic matter from your greenhouse by starting at the top and working your way down. Once you have removed the dirt and organic matter you will then disinfect all the surfaces.

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Should It Stay or Should It Go?

Poinsettias in a Greenhouse

Your poinsettia has provided holiday cheer for weeks. You are now faced with a dilemma; should it stay or should it go? Many people take the latter of the options and toss it out with the Christmas tree, but there is another option. Keep your beautiful poinsettia and even get it to bloom again for the holidays next year.

Many people do not realize that a poinsettia is actually an easy to care for, sub-tropical houseplant. They require a bright, well lit area with temperatures between 60-70 degrees. They enjoy humidity; however it is best to only water them when the soil is dry. You do not want them to sit in water. They are highly sensitive to cold temperatures, so when deciding what would be the perfect location for them, be mindful that their leaves should not get too close to a window and that they are not put in a drafty area.

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Think Spring

Cardboard Trays Image

Get ready for spring! Order your cardboard plant trays now. Limited supplies available. These are first-run boxes, free of any logos or advertising. Size: 16” x 12” x 2” available in regular or heavyweights.

Keeping It Fresh

Growing Media Image

It’s that time of year for your soil orders to arrive to get you ready for spring plantings. When your shipment arrives, you will need to find the best storage location until it’s ready to be used. There are several things that may not cross your mind when storing media, but to help protect your profits here are some suggestions.

The best case scenario for storing your media is to keep it indoors on a clean, solid floor. Always keep your media on the shrink wrapped pallets until time of use. Never store it around chemicals regardless of their formulation (liquid or dry) or seed products (livestock feed, bird seed, and pasture seed). These items can degrade and penetrate the packaging which may result in contamination.

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Check Out New Lantana Varieties

Bandana Lantanas

Bandana & Bandito Series Lantana
Love these Lantana! They are uniform in growth with a neat, mounding habit. They offer lovely fragrance and are very floriferous. Your customers will want these for their gardens, especially with all of the color choices in this series. Lantana’s heat and drought tolerance means all season beauty. In addition to be being extremely hardy they attract butterflies and are deer resistant. Best in full sun, either in landscape beds or patio planters.

Cultural Info:
Pinching is recommended - Once, 1.5 to 2 weeks after transplanting, more for Trailing Gold. Growth regulators are an option.
Finish time:
4”/quart-7-8 weeks. 6”--- 9-10 weeks.
10” basket-11-12 weeks, 4 plants/basket

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