May 2014 Newsletter (vol.29)   >>   The Gift That Gives All Year Long




Mother’s day is May 11th! Is your mother or wife into gardening? No matter if she just picked up the new hobby or has been a professional for years, Hummert International has excellent gift ideas to make her happy! This year give her a gift to last from season to season. You can easily put together a gardener’s “gift basket” or purchase some tools she may need in her favorite color. You can find many things to help garden in comfort and even style.


Designing a "gift basket" is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


  1. Pick out one of our beautiful planters in terra cotta, sandstone or black onyx. Or for a more themed gift start with a galvanized tub, red cedar planter or urn! Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes!
  2. Fill the planter with helpful gardening supplies in her favorite color from Dramm like watering wands, watering cans, hoses, gardener’s hollow leg and aprons.
  3. Finish the gift off with decorative garden labels, marking pens, gloves and possibly a hand tool or two!


There is a chance that the mother or mothers in your life have been gardening for years and already has all of tools and accessories she needs. Well, surprise even the veteran gardener with something she may not have seen or splurged on in the past:


  1. Blue Viper battery powered weed sprayer
  2. Multi-use sprayer with rechargeable battery
  3. Lawn Buddy
  4. Raised or elevated garden beds
  5. Dyna Trap insect trap
  6. Vegibee Pollinator


All of these gift ideas are available at Hummert locations or online at If you are looking for more “blooming” ideas, the friendly sales staff at Hummert International would be happy to help!


Regardless if she receives one item that she would have never treated herself to, or unpacks a planter full of all the gardening accessories she has always wanted, she will be thrilled that you thought not only about her, but also what she is passionate about. Bring a smile to her face, help her do something beautiful and get the entire family involved! Happy Mother’s Day from all of us here at Hummert International!