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Biological Mosquito Control, Also Kills Fungus Gnats

Summit Mosquito Bits®, a popular biological control that kills mosquito larvae, is now also approved for the control of fungus gnats.


The active ingredient in Mosquito Bits is a biological larvacide called BTI (Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis). BTI is a naturally occurring bacterium that's deadly to both mosquito larvae and fungus gnat larvae.


Fungus gnats can infest potted plants, and the insects can be difficult to control. Fungus gnats lay their eggs in the potting soil of houseplants and container plants, and the larvae live in the moist potting mix. In the larval stage, the fungus gnat maggots can cause plant damage by eating plant roots. After about two to three weeks, the fungus gnat maggots pupate to become the tiny black adult gnats that often take flight in a cloud of insects when a potted plant is moved.


To control fungus gnats, simply shake the granular Mosquito Bits onto the potting soil in houseplants and other container-grown plants. Mosquito Bits can also be mixed with potting soil prior to planting. When plants are watered, the BTI in the Mosquito Bits will be released. After subsequent watering, the BTI is washed below the soil surface. Fungus gnat larvae feed on the BTI and die.


The BTI in Mosquito Bits also provides an extremely fast and effective way to quickly kill large populations of mosquito larvae. When spread on standing water where mosquitoes breed, Mosquito Bits granules release a biological mosquito larvacide at the water's surface. As the Mosquito Bits settle in the water, hungry mosquito larvae eat the Bits and die.


Mosquito Bits can be used in virtually all standing water, including ponds and water gardens, rain barrels, roof gutters, bird baths, flower pots and saucers, tree holes, unused swimming pools, old automoible tires, animal watering troughs and wherever water collects. Mosquito Bits are also effective in grassy or marshy areas and where the mosquito population is extremely dense and a quick kill is needed.


Just sprinkle 1 teaspoon of Mosquito Bits per 25 square feet of water surface area or 1 tablespoon per 75 square feet. Mosquito Bits will kill mosquito larvae for 7 to 14 days. Additional applications of Mosquito Bits should be made in 7 to 14 day intervals for continued mosquito control.


Mosquito Bits are made by Summit Responsible Solutions®, which also makes the popular Mosquito Dunks® product, Mosquito Bits® and Mosquito Dunks® both contain the same active ingredients (BTI).


Mosquito Bits, Mosquito Dunks, and Summit Responsible Solutions are registered trademarks of Summit Chemical Co.