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A notch in a tree will remain the same distance from the ground as the tree grows.


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Did I Plant That?


Spring has sprung! Which means plants will be growing and turning green. Hopefully it is plants that you started and not plants that found their way into your garden by other means. Plants that "choose" your garden, might be classified as an invasive plant. An invasive plant is classified as any plant that has the ability to thrive and spread aggressively outside its natural range. While they may seem beautiful and harmless in a pot at the local nursery, you will think differently if they get into your garden.

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Proper Use of Heat Cables



Incorrect use and/or improper installation of Redi-Heat Soil Warming Cables can cause danger of fire, electric shock, electrocution or damage to planted material. Redi-Heat Soil Warming cables are to be buried in soil or soil-based mixtures so that no portion of the heated section is visible while in use. They are not to be used with flammable materials like dry peat moss or with insulation materials like vermiculite or sand, with the exception listed below. We strongly recommend that a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) be used in the cable circuit to provide additional safety and protection, as well as installing a thermostat to regulate temperature.

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Biological Mosquito Control, Also Kills Fungus Gnats

Summit Mosquito Bits®, a popular biological control that kills mosquito larvae, is now also approved for hte control of fungus gnats.

The active ingredient in Mosquito Bits is a biological larvacide called BTI (Bacillus thuringiensis subscpecies israelensis). BTI is a naturally occuring basterium that's deadly to both mosquito larvae and fungus gnat larvae.

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E-mail Invoices


Email Invoice

How important is your email to us? Soon we'll be emailing invoices and statements. Be sure to provide updated information on your next order!

The Gift That Gives All Year Long



Mother’s day is May 11th! Is your mother or wife into gardening? No matter if she just picked up the new hobby or has been a professional for years, Hummert International has excellent gift ideas to make her happy! This year give her a gift to last from season to season. You can easily put together a gardener’s “gift basket” or purchase some tools she may need in her favorite color. You can find many things to help garden in comfort and even style.

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Plant of the Month

"White Fox


The Aloe “White Fox” is just too unique not to try. It makes an excellent addition to either indoor or outdoor plant collections. This miniature aloe variety with its white speckled markings is perfect for hot and dry locations. The brighter the light, the brighter the markings on it will be. “White Fox” can be propagated by either tissue culture or division. Be sure to plant this specimen in full sun with well-drained soil. Even though there are no know pest issues for this plant, over watering will cause the roots and the plant to rot. With success and the right conditions for this plant, a beautiful, brightly colored flower will emerge from the center of the aloe. If you are looking for a new house or patio plant this year and a great conversation piece I would give Aloe “White Fox” a try!




Aloe "White Fox" – 85D109 (page 40)


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