April 2014 Newsletter (vol.28)   >>   Dyna Green 5-Step Fertilizer



As you browse through our new 2014/2015 supply catalog, you will notice an array of new products. One of our exciting redesigned “lines” include the Dyna Green 5-Step fertilizer program. Formulated exclusively for the Midwest, this line of fertilizer now includes Fertil Blend, which significantly increases fertilizer efficiency, nutrient availability and uptake as well as improved root depth and mass. Fertil Blend is a special blend of ingredients with microorganisms. While the look and blend might be a bit different, the tried and true reputation of our Dyna Green line continues to offer exceptionally reliable results!


Follow these 5 simple steps for yearlong success:


Step 1: Crabgrass preventer 15-0-5 with 0.172% Dimension & Fertil Blend

  • Excellent pre-emergent and early post-emergent control of crabgrass; therefore it can be applied later in the season than other crabgrass preventers

  • Provides 2-4 week longer window of application and control

  • Controls crabgrass, annual grasses and broadleaf weeds up to 5 months

  • Can be applied on dormant or spring seeded lawns after the second mowing

  • It rapidly thickens the lawn

  • Reseeding interval of 4 months

Apply before crabgrass germinates in the spring, March to April


Step 2: Long Lasting 23-0-8 with 50% UMAXX & Fertil Blend

  • Delivers extended brilliant color from UMAXX stabilized nitrogen and Fertil Blend microbial soil inoculants

  • Expect 12-16 weeks of consistent nitrogen feeding, resulting in fewer applications while still maintaining maximum turf color and vigor

  • Non-staining iron

Apply February to December


Step 3: Fall starter 21-8-8 with 25% PCU & Fertil Blend

  • Unique fertilizer blend for revitalizing existing turf, over seeding and spot seeding applications

  • Non-staining iron

Apply when seeding or when soil tests indicate a phosphorus deficiency


Step 4 & 5: Winterizer 18-0-12 with Fertil Blend

  • Encourages vigorous root and rhizome development and prevents winter injury

  • Keeps grass green longer and delivers earlier spring green up

  • Apply twice, once in late fall and once in early winter to keep a lush green lawn longer

Apply September to December


Within the 5-Step Program, each 18 pound bag will cover 5,000 sq ft while the 50 pound bag will cover 13,888 sq ft, with the exception of Step 1, which will cover 5,400 sq ft with an 18 pound bag and 15,000 sq ft with a 50 pound bag. This new program is easier than ever to follow and use. The bright, colorful bags are also a great focal point in your garden center or retail store. The 5-Step program is the best prescription for a picture perfect lawn.