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19th Annual Greenhouse Operations & Management Short Course
June 3rd - 5th &
June 10th - 12th
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Tulips will continue to grow even after they have been cut from the main plant.










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Dyna Green 5-Step Fertilizer


As you browse through our new 2014/2015 supply catalog, you will notice an array of new products. One of our exciting redesigned “lines” include the Dyna Green 5-Step fertilizer program. Formulated exclusively for the Midwest, this line of fertilizer now includes Fertil Blend, which significantly increases fertilizer efficiency, nutrient availability and uptake as well as improved root depth and mass. Fertil Blend is a special blend of ingredients with microorganisms. While the look and blend might be a bit different, the tried and true reputation of our Dyna Green line continues to offer exceptionally reliable results!

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Hummert's 19th Annual Greenhouse & Operations Management Short Course




Location: Earth City, Missouri (Headquarters)

Dates: Greenhouse Operations and Management Session I-June 3rd - June 5th Greenhouse Operations and Management Session II-June 10th - June 12th

Hands-on sessions: Tomato & cucumber grafting, plant propagation techniques, drip irrigation and misting, water quality assessment, floral design

Topics: Greenhouse maintenance, soil & substrates, forcing bulbs, spring crops, plant propagation, hydroponics, floral design, greenhouse IPM & much more

Greenhouse Tours: Bayer Garden Center & St Louis Zoo

To attend this course, there will be a $275 registration fee that pays for course materials, catalogs/publications, meals/refreshments, tour fees & chartered bus transportation to & from the tours. Hummert International will also award certificates to attendees at the end of each course. Other transportation, lodging & dinner is the responsibility of each attendee.

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Meet the Speakers

If you would like further information please contact Megan Lavy at
1-800-325-3055 ext. 1153 or
Registration is limited.

Rice Hulls For Weed Control in Container Crops


By Dr. James Altland, USDA-ARS
Provided by PBH


Rice Hulls

Rice hulls make an inhospitable site for weed germination. This photo
shows oxalis seed (in red circles) on the substrate surface, still unable to germinate after 6 weeks.


The USDA-ARS in Wooster, OH, has begun a newfive-year research program to develop weed management options for herbicide-sensitive crops. Thisis is a multi-pronged approach to develop a wide variety of tools for weed control in production settings where herbicides are either not labeled or cannot be used safely.

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CEASE & MilStop


CEASE® microbial fungicide/bactericide and MilStop® broad spectrum foliar fungicide have worked well together as a combination application giving an added boost in controlling pathogens that cause Erwinia, Xanthomonas, Pseudomonas, as well as fungal pathogens that cause Botrytis, powdery mildew and other foliar diseases on greenhouse crops and vegetables grown under cover.


Wishing You a "Berry" Good Spring!



April is here and it is time to start thinking about delicious berries! Many of us have favorite recipes, beverages or snacks that just wouldn’t be the same without the color and taste of fresh ripe berries. A lot of people have taken on the challenge of growing their own berries while more people dream about doing so. There are many berries that may be easier than you think to raise and harvest and with a few tips you can be sharing the bounty of spring in no time!

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Plant of the Month

Astilbe chinensis
"Vision in Pink


Astilbe, also known as False Spirea, is a nice soft and lacy perennial. This plant is a great choice if you are trying to add depth to a design or fill in a hard to access area due to its low maintenance. The dark green, textured foliage will mound and stay green throughout most of the year. Maturing at around 20”, Vision in Pink would do well as an accent plant or in groups. This variety of Astilbe adds a pop of color to a shade garden, as it likes morning sun but afternoon shade, however with proper moisture can tolerate full sun as well. It is an added bonus that this perennial is deer resistant because in late spring you will be pleased with the bouquet of flower plumes that will grow tall and sturdy from the delicate leaves. Butterflies are attracted to these flowers as well, which will keep color throughout the summer. This plant makes for good arrangements with foliage and flowers, cut or dried. Astilbe is also available in white and red!




Astillbe chinensis "Vision in Pink" – 86MA50 (page 54)


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