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Experts claim that there are about 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every four-leaf clover.














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Is Vertical Gardening RIght for You?

Winter is on the way out and spring is fast approaching, it is time to think about new additions to your gardens. Whether you have a garden of flowers or vegetables, new ideas are always of interest. Something that might strike interest is vertical gardening. Vertical gardening is a technique for growing plants on a vertical surface like a wall or trellis. Vertical gardening is becoming increasing popular for people with a small patio, a homeowner’s backyard, walls of businesses and much more.

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Plant of the Month

"Midnight Rose


Heuchera, more commonly known as coral bells, makes a splendid mass planting, specimen plant and will also work well in containers. This particular variety “Midnight Rose” features a rich burgundy color, splashed with a vibrant hot pink to stand out among other foliage plants. This showy plant is rather tough, withstanding frost, deer and thriving in conditions from full sun to part shade. With its clumping growth habit, Heuchera can fill in and cover large areas of a landscape or can be divided in the fall to remain more of a highlight in your design. During the spring you will enjoy a delicate show of white bell shaped flowers from this perennial. At maturity “Midnight Rose” will reach 6 to 12 inches in height and can grow to a 3 foot spread. So whether you are looking to brighten up a shade garden, cover a hill side or accent a patio planter, Heuchera “Midnight Rose” is a colorful choice that will last all the seasons of the year.




Heuchera "Midnight Rose" – 86MJ04 (page 58)


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2013 Hummert's Grand Expo Vacation Winners


“Bill and I wish to thank you and everyone else at Hummert for the trip that we won during last year’s Expo. We chose an Eastern Caribbean cruise with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines on the Allure ship. It was awesome!....The trip was the calm before the storm, and now it is time to get back to the grind and getting everything ready for the 2014 greenhouse year!! We look forward to working with you all this upcoming year and also look forward, of course, to the 2014 Expo.”


Congratulations again to Stuart's Flowers & Produce


Save the Date for the 2014 Hummert’s Grand Expo,
September 10-11, 2014.
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Be Proactive with Pre-Emergence

Horticulture Supply Catalog


Although it still may be chilly, it is not too early to consider a proactive plan for those pesky weeds. We all know how hand weeding can be time-consuming and/or expensive. Every year the same situation occurs: broadleaf weeds in the lawn, weeds and grasses in the flower beds, and no matter how much you pull, they come back year after year! Post-emergence herbicides work well after weeds germinate, but then you are still left to just pull dry, brown dead weeds anyway. This year do some research and save yourself the hassle; Use one or a combination of several pre-emergence solutions available. Depending on what level your problem is and where your problem areas are, we can help you find some options.

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Mum Programs are Now Available


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Diagnosing Signs of High and Low pH

Taken from the Volume 3, Number 5 issue of e-Gro Alert
by Brian E. Whipker

The Greenhouse production in the Southeastern U.S. offers a unique situation of experiencing both high and low pH induced plant disorders. The coastal portion of North Carolina has high levels of alkalinity which can lead to iron deficiency induced by elevate substrate pHs. Production there necessitates acid injection similar to the Midwest and Great Plains. When moving away from the coast, one enters new territory with drastically different management requirements. This area has pure irrigation water with low alkalinity levels and low content of mineral salts (low electrical conductivity). The water quality is excellent and many Midwestern greenhouses would love to have it! Low alkalinity water requires a change in management strategy. There is no buffering in the water because of the lack of alkalinity so fertilizer type can impact the substrate pH and cause it to quickly drift upward with basic types of fertilizer or downward with acidic fertilizer types.

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The threat of root rot is present every time you plant, as excess moisture and an insufficient amount of air can cause the buildup of fungi on roots. It is often difficult or impossible to treat. By properly preparing your soil, you can prevent root rot from the start.

Actino-Iron is a unique soil additive that combines the Actinovate organic fungicide with slow-release iron and humates. When mixed with growing media, Actino-Iron protects against soil-borne diseases such as Pythium, Phytophthora, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia and Verticillium in ornamental plants, fruits and vegetables. The non-phytotoxic formulation will not damage plants, is OMRI-listed and safe for beneficial insects and workers.

Actino-Iron is ideal for plugs and transplants and can also be used as a topdressing in existing pots, landscapes and turf. Simply mix 5 lbs of Actino-Iron into each cubic-yard of growing media to transform it into a professional grade planting material.

Actino-Iron offers all of the benefits of the Actinovate fungicide while also providing natural, complexed iron and promoting larger, more lush plants.