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Spring Hours:
M-F 8:30-5 (Starting Feb 3rd)
Sat 8-2
(Starting Mar 1st)
Earth City:
M-F 7:30-5
Sat 8-12
(Starting Mar 1st)



Wheatbelt Show
February 4th - 5th
Look for us in Booth 1217-1219

Midwest Grape & Wine Conference
February 5th - 6th
Look for us in Booth 240

Missouri Organic Association Conference February 6th - 8th

Grounds Maintenance Seminar
Hosted by Hummert International February 13th


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Gardener's Hollow Leg




Gardener's Hollow Leg






New Catalog

Horticulture Supply Catalog


Hot off the press!
The 2014/2015 Horticultural Supply Catalog is HERE!

Keep it in Control


When growing plants in a greenhouse, a grower should be in control of all the needs of a plant. Controlling the water and the light is on the top of that list, but what is equally important is controlling the climate that the plants are grown in. A climate’s temperature and humidity contribute many things to the development and health of a plant, and when optimized, it could help reduce the need of chemicals.

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Growing Orchids


Growing orchids can be challenging, yet rewarding, to even the most seasoned gardener. Maintaining and caring for orchids can become a terrific year round hobby, regardless of the region you live in, or space you have. With multiple varieties, each having their own signature bloom, you might start with one, or one of each and see where you end up. There are some basic steps which may help you get started in the right direction, as well as some care tips for those who have already begun. As like previously stated, orchids can be challenging, but with time and effort you will have a show stopping cycle of beauty!

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Introducing E-Max Release Technology

E-Max is a new reacted polymer coating introduced by Everris that is used on a variety of essential macro and micro nutrients.

The advantages of this include:

1. The coating’s thin weight allows for higher nutrient ratios

2. The coating is strong and durable to assure dependable results

3. Release mechanism is based on moisture and temperature offering predictable longevities even under extremely warm conditions

Available in NEW 2014/2015 Hummert Supply Catalog

Nursery Mix 23-4-8 w/ Micronutrients

E-Max Release Technology

  • Specially designed for general purpose, outdoor production of nursery stock, foliage and in landscapes

  • Contains Osmocote coated NPK, blended with coated urea
    nitrogen featuring E-Max Release Technology

  • These complimentary controlled release coating technologies consistently provide your plants with what they need, in forms they can utilize

  • Available in 5-6 month, 8-9 month or 12-14 month

  • Can be incorporated or surface applied

  • 50 lb bags

Need to Know About Onions


With spring coming very soon, there is no better time than now to start thinking about planting onions. Onions are a seasonal crop and spring is a great time to plant them. They can be planted at the same time that you plant your potatoes, giving you an early crop. There are a few methods as to how you can start them in your garden; sets, plants or seeds. Which method is right for you?

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Plant of the Month

"Fire Glow


Kniphofia, more commonly known as Pokers, are easy perennials to grow. “Fire Glow” is a dwarf variety which stems from a grassy-like, evergreen base. The radiant red and orange flower that emerges in late summer through fall fills in smaller places that may be lacking some pop. It is recommended to use Kniphofia in containers, edge of borders or as mass plantings in larger areas. Kniphofia is not only drought resistant, but deer and rabbit resistant as well! The colorful stalks make great cut flowers and attract hummingbirds. For success with these tropical looking perennials, plant in full sun, with normal to sandy soils and good drainage. You cannot go wrong with this unique plant!








Kniphofia "Fire Glow" – 86MJ31 (page 60)


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