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Watering: Which Technique is Right for You?

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Gardener's Winter Checklist

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Good Bug, Bad Bug

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Watering, Which Technique is Right for You?

Irrigation Header Pipe


Watering is an essential factor to plant health and longevity. There are two major practices in how one waters their plant: overhead and below the plants vegetation. Both of these practices have their place when growing plants, but which one is right for you and your growing environment?

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The Gardener's Winter Checklist


As the days are getting shorter and the temps continue to drop, most gardeners are wondering what we can be doing. Some of us are fortunate to live in ideal climates that allow us to garden outdoors year round, others however are not so lucky. Here are some ideas, whether you are still up to your elbows in soil, or warming up inside, to keep you busy during the winter months and prepare you and your landscape to reach its potential in the spring!

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Good Bug, Bad Bug


Bugs get a bad rap.  From a young age we view bugs as intrusive, annoying and disgusting.  They are often unwelcome guests at picnics, in homes, and in gardens and greenhouses.  Many bugs cause damage to crops, flowers and trees ruining countless hours of hard work and growth. While many people view bugs in a negative light, several bugs have very important roles in our world.

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January Plant of the Month

Plant of the Month

"Early Bird Frosty


This very early flowering plant is a great filler for combination plantings or containers alike. At 5”-8” tall and a spread of 10” these bright white flowers are also very fragrant! Like all Dianthus, “Early Bird Frosty” prefers a well drained soil, so whether in a garden or container allow to dry out before watering again. Deadheading this eye catching perennial will force for a second bloom sequence, and leave a nice silver blue ground cover or the edge of any bed. Plant in a mostly sunny spot outdoors, then cut an impressive bouquet for your table inside! Find this variety in out plants and cuttings catalog 86MG48.








Dainthus Early Bird Frosty – 86MG48 (page 56)


Check out this variety in our 2014 Plants & Cuttings Catalog