December 2013 Newsletter (vol.24)   >>   The Gardener's Holiday



For most gardeners, getting creative is easy, especially outdoors in spring and fall. However, for many garden enthusiasts, the motivation and creativity begins to dwindle with the fall in temperatures.  To keep the enthusiasm going once the fall leaves hit the ground, we have compiled a few Do It Yourself ideas for the holidays that scream a gardener lives here. Most materials you will be able to use later in the year. This year keep your tomato cages out, clean out your clay pots, and wash off your tools, its holiday season!

Tomato Cages

Great for indoors or out wrap artificial greens with white lights around your tomato cages to create a mess free, no water and light weight Christmas tree in a classic look. Or, if you are feeling really creative and a little less traditional this year, try a colored garland like pink or silver! Then add pops of bright colors with ornaments and bows. To really set it off, put the tomato cages into fun pots that possibly were filled with annuals or tropical plants earlier in the year.



Clay pots

Another easy trick, and great for family fun, are these adorable snowmen. Turn those dull clay or terracotta pots that we all have into fun snowmen, serving platters or cookie jars! Even if they are cracked or chipped, use your imagination to turn blemishes into charming characters. Be sure to wash out any remaining soil and allow pots to dry completely before painting. Your snowmen will surely impress your guests at your holiday party!



Hoses and tools

Instead of filling up that shed or garage with tools and hoses, use them to create a unique and beautiful wreath. Transition your door décor from fall to winter to spring and all holidays in between. If the hose has a hole, or the hand tools are broken that’s just a bonus, you won’t need to dismantle and take the wreath down in the spring to use them!




Rakes and shovels

Don’t forget about the old trusty rakes and shovels you have piling up. A little soap and water, fresh paint, ribbon and greens go a long way in dressing up these gardening tools. If you plan to leave them outside to brighten up the front porch or by the mailbox I would suggest spraying them with a clear coat of some sort to protect them from the winter weather.


Most gardeners think of the winter months as a time to relax, but now you can extend your gardening season by spreading holiday cheer with supplies and products you love to use. Have your friends and family help you create new masterpieces and remember they all make great gifts too! Happy Holidays from Hummert International!