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Hummert International Announces Launch of Newly Redesigned Website



Kansas Turf Conference

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Around 10% of the Earth’s land surface is covered in permanent snow and ice.


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Pro-Mix MP Mycorrhizae Organik

Pro Mix MP MYC Organik



Heavy Duty Pot Labels


Plastic Plant Labels


Fafard Peat Moss

Fafard Peat Moss



A Guide to Common Organic Pesticides by Aaron Fields

As trends continue to move toward safer and cleaner growing methods, organic pesticides have seen an increase in use. While it can be simple to choose and apply certain organic pesticides, truly understanding where they come from and how they work can be paramount to a successful program. When used correctly, organic pesticides can be just as effective as synthetic pesticides at providing curative and control methods with less harmful effects to plants, animals and people.

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Bench Arrangements in a Greenhouse

There are a several factors to consider when determining the layout and design of your greenhouse. Like most things in the greenhouse, the size, material and placing of the benches depends primarily on the plant material. Layout of a greenhouse can change drastically depending on whether seed is being sown in large flats, plants are being finished in 5 gallon containers or something in between. The purpose of the greenhouse is another deciding factor. The amount of bench space and floor space varies from hobby and multipurpose houses to large production and retail houses. Whether you are constructing it yourself or leaving that to the professionals the key is always efficiency.

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The Peat Debate

What growing media(s) do you use? Have you used the same brand for years or have you recently switched? Pro-Mix, Fafard, Sunshine, etc are all brands of soilless mixes that may seem exactly the same, but are different in many ways. All of the brands listed above make different types of soilless mixes; some for germinating seeds, growing trees, using in flats or using for perennials in gallon containers. While you may not know the exact percentages of the ingredients, I bet you do know who the manufacturer is. Also, I bet you have done some experimenting as to which manufacturer and which specific type you like best, based on water holding capacity, ease of working with, price, etc. Once you find something that you like it might be hard to switch, but have you ever thought about using a media that does not contain peat?

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