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The first Jack O’Lanterns were actually made from turnips.

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Importance of Ventilation Year Round


Apple Orchard


When thinking about a greenhouse, the first thing that comes to mind of most consumers is beautiful flowers and fresh produce.  On the opposite end of the scale, most greenhouse growers think about temperature, water, ventilation and the logistics of running a greenhouse. One of the most important, and hardest to regulate, aspects to proper greenhouse growing is ventilation. Ventilation not only controls the temperature of the greenhouse, but also the humidity control, carbon dioxide/oxygen replacement and air circulation..

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Why Hydroponics…

Hydroponic Lettuce



Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without using soil. This method focuses on getting plants the exact nutrients they need, exactly when they need them. Hydroponic systems achieve this by delivering a specific nutrient rich solution directly to the plant roots, eliminating the buffering of soil and the plants’ need to search for these nutrients. Because of this, plants can focus all of their energy on growth. The result: plants that take less time to grow and are generally larger and more productive than soil-grown crops. While there are countless ways to grow plants hydroponically, the following are some of the more common systems.

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Plant of the Month

Turtle Head
Chelone glabra


This fun flowering perennial gets its name from the shape of its flowers, which resembles the head of a snapping turtle. This plant puts on a show late summer through fall until frost in either pink or white. The deep green foliage and linear leaves create a nice blanket for either mass plantings or individual pops. Chelone does prefer to have moist soils and the 3ft plant will fill in nicely with sun or shade conditions. The flowers will attract butterflies in your garden, or look great in a vase.  After frost, simply cut back to the ground and in the spring the foliage will return fuller, and ready to bloom again late in the season.




Chelone Lyonii Hot Lips – 86MA72 (page 55)


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When Plants Become Invasive

Overgrown Stairs


How and why are some plants considered invasive, but others are not? Invasive plants are those that thrive in an unnatural environment and location to which they may be accustom. These plants show characteristics including being extremely adaptable, vigorous and showing a high reproductive rate. A few reasons why these plants are able to thrive is because insects, disease, climate, and animals which would normally keep the growth in check are now absent from the new location.

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