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When to Prune

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No Spots in
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All About Water

July Garden Tips


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The world record-holding watermelon is more than
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When to Prune

Pruning Trees


Spring blooms have come and gone leaving homeowners with a question, when is the right time to prune my trees and/or shrubs? There are many factors that go into making this decision including, bloom time of your tree, the growth rate of your tree and the results you want to achieve. Whether you are pruning to permit new growth, reduce the height of the tree, or simply want to shape the tree into the perfect design, you need to make sure you prune during the right time.

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No Spots in the Turf

Perfect Turf


Summer is finally here and that means vacations, being outdoors and hot and humid weather here in the Midwest.  With all of the fun that is upon us, there is also a down side; summer turf problems.  Some of the most common are brown patch, dollar spot, leaf spot and summer patch.  Turf issues can be tricky to identify, but never fear, we have a guide to help you identify the most common turf diseases.   

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All About Water



Water is essential to our lives; it covers 70 percent of the earth’s surface. We drink it; use it for cooking, cleaning and growing plants. It is a vital part of recreational activities; fishing, boating and swimming all require large bodies of water. When weeds and algae are present, the simple beauty of water can diminish quickly. Dyes, algaecides, and herbicides are readily available and can help you retain the beauty of your pond or lake. If chemicals are not an option for you, there are tools to help with physical removal.

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July Garden Tips

  • Water early in the day to reduce water loss from evaporation
  • Continue watering annuals and perennials
  • Remove fallen leaves and debris
  • Continue to remove weeds
  • Mow lawns as needed
  • Pinch back asters and chrysanthemums one last time
  • Deadhead as needed
  • Prune climbing roses after flowering
  • Fertilize vegetables
  • Remove tomatoes with rot
  • Keep a look out for Japanese beetles
  • Harvest crops whenever fruit/vegetables are ready