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What is ZeroTol?

ZeroTol is an environmentally-responsible, liquid algaecide/fungicide used to prevent and control disease on turf and ornamentals. Its professional strength formula eliminates plant pathogens providing superior results and healthy plants.

Where can ZeroTol be used?

ZeroTol can be used for multiple applications. ZeroTol can be used as an algaecide on: greenhouse structures, benches, pots, watering systems, storage rooms, ventilation equipment, floors and other equipment. It can be used as a fungicide on bedding plants, flowering plants, roses, ornamentals, nursery stock, trees, turf, bulbs, cuttings, seedlings, seeds, and seedbeds to create and maintain healthy gardens. ZeroTol is now approved for use with Kuul Pads.

What diseases does ZeroTol control?

For ornamentals, ZeroTol treats, prevents and controls: Algae, Alternaria, Anthracnose, Aphanomyces, Black Spot, Botrytis (grey mold), Downy Mildew, Erwinia, Fusarium (root rot), Leaf Spot, Phytophthora (blights, rots), Plamopara, Powdery Mildew, Pseudomonas, Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Unicinula (powdery mildew), Xanthomonas, and Wilts, and Blights.

For turf, ZeroTol controls: Anthracnose, Brown Spot, Dollar Spot, Copper Spot, Fairy Ring, Pink Snow Mold, Pythium, Phytophthora, Summer Patch, Rhizoctonia, Scum, Take All Patch, Fusarium Blight, Stripe Smut, Leaf Spot, Algae, Slime Molds, and there spores.

How do I apply ZeroTol to plants and turf?

ZeroTol can be applied with conventional sprayers as a foliar spray directly on plants, shrubs, and turf. It may also be directly injected into watering and irrigation systems.

How does ZeroTol work?

ZeroTol’s activated peroxygen chemistry works through oxidation. It attacks the proteins and enzymes that make up simple cell organisms that cause disease and provides an immediate kill.

Can ZeroTol be used around family areas and pets?

If you use ZeroTol correctly it can be used around family and pets. After extensive testing for the EPA, ZeroTol has been listed as a product that can be applied to areas used by, or in contact with, humans, animals, pets, birds, and wildlife. ZeroTol has a zero-hour re-entry interval (REI) and a tiered personal protective equipment (PPE) rating, making it easy to apply in areas that are actively used.

Can ZeroTol be used preventatively to protect lawns and ornamentals?

Zerotol not only controls disease but kills the spores that create bacteria, algae, and fungus, preventing further disease contamination.

How to use ZeroTol with Kuul Pads?

ZeroTol is now labeled to be safe to use with Kuul Pads. It can be used on Kuul Pads to treat algae and slime contaminated surfaces with a 1:100 dilution or 1¼ fl. oz. per gallon of water and can be repeated as needed to obtain control. ZeroTol can also be used in the tank with Kuul Pads at a 1:500 or ¼ fl. oz. for every gallon of cooler water. It can be treated used every week as a preventative treatment. Can I tank mix ZeroTol with other chemicals? ZeroTol is chemically compatible with a number of other products. However, do not mix ZeroTol concentrate with undiluted fertilizers or pesticides. Dilute ZeroTol with water, and then add liquid fertilizers and pesticides. Before tank mixing ZeroTol with fertilizers, fungicides, or bactericides, conduct a compatibility test of each combination. Make a test solution per manufacturer’s label in a container, close the lid, and shake or stir vigorously. Excessive bubbling or increased pressure are an indication of incompatibility. NOTE: ZeroTol should not be tank mixed or applied in a spray solution with metal-based chemistries having a pH less than 7.0. See ZeroTol directions for use or call BioSafe Systems for more information.

Why does ZeroTol have a danger symbol on the container?

ZeroTol is an EPA registered product and as a concentrate, is considered a corrosive oxidizer. Once ZeroTol is diluted, it can be handled with minimum PPE and is not harmful to workers or handlers. As with all chemicals ZeroTol Solutions should be used responsibly.

What makes ZeroTol different from other products?

ZeroTol is the fire extinguisher for bacterial, fungal, or algae fires. ZeroTol provides an immediate knockdown of organisms that could harm turf and ornamentals. Most algaecide/fungicides need time to poison harmful organisms; this could lead to a mutational resistance of these chemistries. Due to ZeroTol’s fast acting oxidation process, mutational resistance is not possible.

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