April 2013 Newsletter (vol.17)   >>   Hummert's 18th Annual Greenhouse Course

St. Louis, Missouri, headquarters.

Greenhouse Operations and Management I-June 4th to June 6th
Greenhouse Operations and Management II-June 11th to June 13th

Hands -on sessions:
Tomato & cucumber grafting, plant propagation techniques, drip irrigation and
misting, water quality assessment, floral design.

Greenhouse maintenance, horticulture substrates, plant nutrition, spring crops, poinsettias, environmental controls, veggie production for the classroom, & greenhouse IPM

Greenhouse Tours:
1. Herman’s Farm– The art and science of tomato and cucumber grafting
2. The Climatron– A greenhouse enclosed in a geodesic dome that is part of the Missouri
Botanical Garden. It is one of the 100 most signicant US architectural achievements .

The $275 registration fee includes the course materials, catalog, publications, meals/ refreshments, and chartered bus transportation to the greenhouse tours. Other transportation, lodging and dinner is the responsibility of the attendee. Hummert International will award certicates to attendees upon completion.

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Short Course II Schedule

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If you would like further information please contact Steve Millet  at 1-800-325-3055 ext. 1133 or smillett@hummert.com. Registration is limited.